All the info on the 'translocating thief' Loba

04:00, 27 Feb 2020

Respawn Entertainment’s Apex Legends development team is keeping mum, but dataminers have discovered the rumoured 13th character could be named ‘Loba’ or ‘Rosie’. Her datamined ability files, possible movement animations, and even some supposed concept art have also been released. Some of this information was first made public soon after the Apex Legends’ launch in February 2019, with Loba being leaked as one of the unconfirmed legends in the game files. Even though several datamined legends files’ have since been deleted, the touted ‘translocating thief’ has remained, leading many fans to believe she is basically confirmed as an upcoming playable legend.

Who is Loba?

In the trailer for ‘Season 4: Assimilation’ we appear to see Loba as a child, or at least all signs point towards that. The final close-up on her face indicates she will be of some importance to the lore of Apex Legends. 

Loba appears to be a child in the Season 4 trailer for Revenant’s arrival, or at least the little girl featured in the video bears strong connections with the rest of the rumours about her origin and personality. In the trailer we witness the murder of “Loba’s” father, Marcos Andrade, a Portuguese thief and con man by the hands of Revenant. But not before he and his wife gift their daughter a silver wolf figurine. Loba's real name appears to be Greta Andrade. 

Apex Legends Dog Sighting Loba 800x400jpg

Wolf in Portuguese translates to “Lobo” (with the female version – “Loba”). If this wolf connection holds true, this would back-up several players’ evidence of hearing dogs barking in-game and even a wolf running around at Planet Harvester.

Loba’s origin story could be one of revenge – of a little girl witnessing her father's brutal murder and seeking retribution by entering the games - to seek out Revenant.

According to famous datamining leaker That1MiningGuy, it's possible that Loba was also Wattson's tutor when Wattson was growing up in Kings Canyon.

What are Her Abilities?

Rosie Loba Abilities Apex Legendsjpg

Loba’s abilities appear to revolve around her thief trait, with looting being a big part of that. As for now, the details of her powers seem just that – overpowered. She appears to be able to not only spot loot even through walls - but also steal it and open secret loot caches.

Loba’s Rumoured Abilities

Eye for Quality: Loba (Rosie) can see through walls and can open up hidden compartments in loot bins.

Supply for Demand: Hold (button) to choose a type of loot - reveal that type of loot in the area through walls.

Burglar's Best Friend: Throw a disc and teleport to that location.

Black Market Boutique: Place a device that can steal all nearby loot.

Her movement abilities seem strangely familiar to Wraith’s, with a rumoured teleportation device (burglar’s best friend) acting similarly, but ultimately being faster and less noticeable. Check out the movement animation video below;

Leaked Finisher Animations

Leakers Shrugtal and Biast12 have been hard at work trying to procure Loba files for the Apex community, and they haven't disappointed. Shrugtal released two videos of Loba's finishing animations (using Wraith for the render). 

What Kind of Player Will Enjoy Using Her?

Any player who considers themselves to be constantly unlucky off drop! If you never seem to find a good weapon or shield, Loba could be the Lady Luck you need. In a hot-drop or high-loot situation, Loba could prove invaluable to making sure it’s your team who are fully-kitted out – and not the enemies.

Rosie Apex Legends Leakjpg

When Can We Expect to See Loba Join Apex Legends?


Loba could be one of the most intriguing, game-changing legends we’ve seen introduced to Worlds Edge so far. The fact that she has not been deleted from the game files, and more and more info is being released about her, would suggest she is coming to Apex Legends sooner rather than later. Don’t start saving up your Apex tokens just yet though – nothing has been confirmed by Respawn Entertainment themselves.

Our prediction is that we could see Loba by the start of Season 5 (likely the 5th of May) - when most new legends join the ranks of Apex Legends greatest champions.


(Article last updated: 01/04/2020)

Images via Respawn Entertainment and Reddit

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