EA FC 24 players convinced Evolutions will replace the Ultimate Team market

EA FC 24 players convinced Evolutions will replace the Ultimate Team market

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Jack Marsh


19th Sep 2023 11:26

The future is here with EA FC 24, and while Pro Clubs might be the main port of call for players to be heading towards from the get-go now that crossplay is finally here, Ultimate Team is stepping up its game.

Kicking on right foot first, EA FC 24 is promoting Ultimate Team to the next tier of football, and with it comes a brand-new feature that is designed to give you the choice of who you want to have as a promotional card with better statistics.

Evolutions are coming in EA FC 24, but in the midst of the excitement, some players are sceptical that this could be the beginning of the end for the transfer market.

Evolutions could have a huge impact on the EA FC 24 market

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The beauty of EA FC, or FIFA, is scouting a player and nourishing them into your team, your family, your heart, and your outside footballing knowledge.

Whether it's knowing exactly which wonderkid could be Man City's next purchase, or simply having those Bra-Silvers in your locker, there's always been a sense of personal attachment between the in-game scouting network and their real-life development; El Shaarawy is the prime example, where FIFA fans fell in love with the player through his Ultimate Team card before watching his career unfold in the Serie A.

Now, Evolutions aims to do the same, by attaching you to lesser-known players and watching you upgrade them and build teams around them.

Fans noticed that the market will be directly influenced by Evolutions though. Knowing that only a select few players will be suited for these upgrade qualifications, players might then be gatekept with high prices, which further damages the integrity of the market.

This isn't the only issue either, as other fans have now speculated that the new upgrade feature could be the next step for EA to pull off a 2K and scrap the market.

EA FC 24 fans speculate Evolutions and SBCs could end the transfer market


Combined with SBCs too, Evolutions could actually spell the beginning of the end for the transfer market, as EA might instead opt to go down the route of a player market instead.

NBA 2K - an EA game - has already opted for this route where the "auction house" has been removed in favour of having a market where players have an EA-determined price and can be bought and sold in accordance with the publishers' prices.

This would then stop price-locks and other trading techniques used to earn profits on cards and encourage users to play games for rewards, rather than coin hunt.

Given that EA has already done this, it could be the way forward for FC 24 too.

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