EA FC 24 fans debate the best Ultimate Team starter player ever

EA FC 24 fans debate the best Ultimate Team starter player ever

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Jack Marsh


15th Sep 2023 17:37

As FIFA comes to a close, and in spite of the Ultimate Team flagship game mode being carried through to EA FC 24, fans of the football game franchise are getting a little bit soppy.

The FIFA re-brand is about to come into full force with the EA FC early access getting underway in a matter of days, which has spurned long-time fans of the franchise to begin reminiscing.

Looking back over nearly a decade of Ultimate Team action, FIFA fans are now debating which base gold card has become the all-time best starter player, and names such as Esswien, Ibarbo, Doubia, and Eminike are making fans' eyes water.

Ultimate Team fans debate the greatest starter player ever

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Thinking back over the years, the first weeks of Ultimate Team are the best, and year after year there has been at least one card in almost every team as they become the undeniably best (affordable) player in the game.

Fans took to Twitter to debate who has been the best though, with the popular Ibarbo, Doumbia, and even Mbappe taking the flowers, back when the current highest-rated player was a mere 83 overall.

"Sebastian Giovinco you hold a special place in my heart," added one fan though, as the player became one of the most discussed cards.

"Looking at that Giovinco card just hit me with so much nostalgia," added another.

Others proposed names such as Muriel, Ben Yedder, and most recently Darwin Nunez, thanks to the Lengthy AcceleRATE buff.

Who will be the new EA FC 24 starter legend in Ultimate Team?


Even though not a single EA FC 24 Ultimate Team card has kicked a ball yet, fans are already predicting who will be holding the torch this year. 

Early wagers are being placed on the heads of Bundesliga strikers Boniface, Openda, and Adayemi who are both blessed with crazy pace, while women's footballer Kundananji is highly-sought-after due to her strength and pace combination.

Despite this though, starter cards will never be the icons that they once were, given players are much more advanced in getting high-rated players straight from the off. 

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