Disney Domination could be Smash Bros. killer or a huge hoax

Disney Domination could be Smash Bros. killer or a huge hoax
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Joseph Kime


15th May 2023 12:40

Nintendo's Smash Bros. has been an undisputed champion of the fighting world for years now. The eclectic sandbox scrapper has been smashing video game characters together for an eternity, and as such, it has become one of the most adored fighters on the planet.

Although Smash Bros. is genuinely is a fantastic game by itself, it's the novelty of pummeling Solid Snake as Luigi that has fans coming back for more every time. There have been imitators, with the Super Smash Flash rip adding the likes of Goku and Mr Incredible to the fray.

There was also MultiVersus taking the wealth of characters under the Warner Bros banner to scrap each other in a surprisingly exciting fashion. Now, it looks like a new competitor could be coming soon. Or not. Let us explain.

A Disney Smash clone could be on the way

According to video game leaker and news corroborator Knoebel, there is a rumour circulating in leaker spaces that a new attempt to capitalise on the successes of Smash Bros. could be about to touch down. Interestingly, it's one that's supposedly coming from none other than entertainment powerhouse, Disney.

The game is titled Disney Domination and is apparently a fighter with a platforming single-player campaign, 55 playable characters, 12-player battle capabilities, and a AAA budget behind it. The rumour claims the title has been in development since 2018, and that it will have an "edgy" art style, made in Unreal Engine 5"

It feels like a bit of a stretch for the House of Mouse to be happy to let its characters pummel the living daylights out of each other, what with their incredibly family-friendly reputation to uphold. Still, it's certainly an interesting suggestion.

When is Disney Domination (supposedly) coming out?

Disney Domination could be Smash Bros. killer or massive hoax
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Knoebel continued in the thread and reveals that Disney Domination is set for release in 2024, meaning that it's just around the corner. That is, if the game is real at all. The opportunities are frankly endless, with a Kingdom Hearts-esque rollout of Disney and Pixar favourites.

For now, we'll just have to hold our horses and hedge our bets on whether Disney Domination is just one fan's dream. Either way, there's no denying that a Disney brawler would be incredible fun. Wreck-It Ralph mains, rally up.

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