Smash Bros Ultimate is getting a Paper Mario Spirit Event

Smash Bros Ultimate is getting a Paper Mario Spirit Event
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30th Aug 2020 03:05

Paper Mario: The Origami King has folded itself into a paper aeroplane and is flying its way into Super Smash Bros. Ultimate. While fans of Nintendo's brutal brawler are waiting for another Nintendo Direct and hopes of finding out who the next DLC character is, the company has officially confirmed there's a Paper Mario Spirit event on the way.

While we still hold out hope that Paper Mario himself could eventually come to Smash as a playable character, it looks like we'll have to make do with his world seeping into the game in Spirit form.

Alongside the main campaign, the DLCs have already added the likes of Persona 5's Joker, Fire Emblem: Three Houses' Byleth, and ARMS' Min Min. Even if Spirits aren't quite as exciting as a playable character drop, they can sometimes be an indication of potential crossovers further down the line.

Smash Bros gets Paper Mario event

A Japanese tweet clearly showed off some Origami King-themed content, with Gamespot translating what it means. According to the site, Peach, Olivia, and Olly will be calling Smash Bros. Ultimate home from August 28 until September 1.

The five-day event has a literal translation of "Origami Ambitions", but we'll have to wait and see whether it's the same over here.

It's also interesting to note that there's already a Paper Mario Spirit in the game - and he isn't part of this roster - meaning it could hint at his introduction as a full-time fighter. If Paper Mario is promoted from Spirit to fighter, this could be huge news for the game.

The latest event comes just weeks after the other Mario-themed "Weaken Minions" event. Spirits have become a replacement for the old Trophy system from previous Smash games. It's a big departure that is effectively a power-up collectable.

Paper Mario: The Origami King made the bold move to deviate from what made the franchise famous by introducing a whole new battle system.

Although this divided fans originally, the game went on to be a huge hit on the Nintendo Switch and earned particular praise for its adorable cast of paper cut characters.

Unsurprisingly, Paper Mario: The Origami King went on to overtake Super Paper Mario as the best-selling title in the franchise.

As for Spirits, there was a grand total of 1424 as of version 8.0.0, meaning Nintendo has highlighted plenty of characters from obscure gaming franchise that will probably never get to become playable characters.

Now, we just have to wait and see whether the Origami King Spirit event is really bringing us one step closer to Paper Mario's Smash Bros. Ultimate debut.

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