Smash Pro Disqualified From $1million Pokemon Unite Series As Teammates Overslept

Smash Pro Disqualified From $1million Pokemon Unite Series As Teammates Overslept

Written by 

Jack Marsh


20th Jun 2022 15:52

Following the release of Pokemon Unite, the competitive instincts of Nintendo's die-hard player base flocked over from Super Smash Bros. to try their hand at the team-based MOBA. The two games do differ quite significantly, but this hasn't stopped many fans from dropping Mario for Pikachu to compete in the $1,000,000 Championship Series. 

One of the main differences between Pokemon Unite and Smash Bros. is the dependency on teammates. The flat-out fighting game pits player versus player, glove against glove, trading blow for blow, with only yourself to blame if anything goes wrong.

Pokemon Unite, on the other hand, is played in teams of five, and one former Smash Bros. pro has found out the hard way that teammates aren't always as reliable as they may seem.

Zackray Disqualified From Pokemon Unite Championships For Teammate Oversleeping

Sota "zackray" Okada, a 20-year-old Smash Bros. professional from Japan traded in his signature Falco, Joker, and R.O.B for Squirtle, Charmander, and Bulbasaur, it appears that his teammates preferred Snorlax and have chosen to act as the sleeping giant.

After switching from Smash Bros. to compete in the $1,000,000 Pokemon Unite Championship Series, the Japanese player has been disqualified from the qualifying stages after his teammate overslept.

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Having taken to a YouTube stream to discuss the DQ, zackray explained that his teammate "U" had worked a night shift on the day prior to the qualifier and that he had a nap between practice and the event. With two hours in between, U reportedly overslept past the time of their match, leaving them to be disqualified from the Winners Bracket.

To rub salt into the wounds, U also missed the Losers Bracket match, meaning they had to forfeit the tournament - zackray clarified that the team couldn't use a substitute per the tournament rules. 


Zackray To Return To Smash Bros.

Following the disqualification, zackray revealed that the team has now disbanded (still on "good terms"), and that he is returning to Smash Bros. immediately. According to a translation, he admitted that he is a "smash-holic" and is motivated to compete in Smash Ultimate once again.

Although he was preparing for the Pokemon Unite Championship Series qualifiers, zackray has already made steps in switching back to Ultimate, competing in a range of Smash Bros weekly tournaments.

It's likely that the player will now go back to individual Ultimate, where he'll breathe a sigh of relief that dozy teammates can't cost him a shot at $1,000,000 events.

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