Destiny 2: Lightfall slammed for 'falsely advertised' weapons

Destiny 2: Lightfall slammed for 'falsely advertised' weapons
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Joseph Kime


3rd Mar 2023 13:22

It'd be easy for the layperson to presume that Destiny as a franchise was long finished - but those that know, know. They also know how its gameplay is just as infectious as it has ever been.

Despite this, the latest massive Lightfall DLC joining the game has been met with waves of controversy, much like its other post-launch offerings. Critics as much as ever to complain about in the DLC, but even those who've fallen head over heels for Lightfall can spot one problem... its weapon problems.

Destiny 2 is under fire for its weapon promises

The grandest problem striking Destiny 2 fans as disappointing right now is a kit of gear. This was hyped in various promos for for Lightfall but simply hasn't appeared in the game.

CGI trailers and artwork teased some Neomuna-inspired weapons, including a hand cannon, rocket launcher, and sword. Some popped up in pre-release marketing materials and even appear on the DLC's campaign mission selection screen.

As these were shown alongside the repurposed Shadowkeep weapons, it's unclear what's going on. Fans have taken to Twitter to complain that even in spite of the wealth of new weapons and gear added to the game, they didn't get the ones that they felt were promised to them.

Destiny hinted that new weapons would coincide with old ones

The trailers showing new armor and weapons alongside gear that was present in older updates suggested that two eras of Destiny loot would coincide. Yet, as detailed by fan uproar, they're just not here.

When lamenting the loss of these weapons, one person responded, "Bungie should really try listening to the community at this moment in time... hopefully it's either post-raid or raid loot but God just please let it be in the game..."

Another grumbled, "So there's a very real possibility that the gun is fake? Very disappointing news if true." As for the whole false advertising thing, someone concluded, "If you bought the DLC specifically for that then maybe but I highly doubt it would work in court."

There's every chance these MIA weapons could still be on the way in Destiny 2 Season 20 or 21, but it's not looking good for fans of these specific loadouts.

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