Modern Warfare 3 Zombies beta reportedly ready to go

Modern Warfare 3 Zombies beta reportedly ready to go
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Joseph Kime


11th Sep 2023 10:25

When it comes to Call of Duty, Zombies has been a pretty core part of the franchise's experience since the World at War days. While it doesn't enjoy player numbers quite like multiplayer, its fanbase wouldn't stand for the series forgetting about it.

The future of the Zombies sub-series is being contested by fans after the catastrophe of Vanguard Zombies, and while fans are concerned, Infinity Ward is confident enough to call it the most expansive experience yet. Now, it looks like we could be getting a glimpse at Modern Warfare 3 Zombies much sooner than we expected.

Modern Warfare 3 Zombies beta reportedly on the way

Even though it feels like we only just found out about MW3, it looks like we'll get to play it soon, as reports indicate that a Modern Warfare 3 Zombies beta mode could be just around the corner.

Leaker HeyImAlaix has teased that a Zombies beta is on the way, which is a surprise considering we don't usually get a Zombies beta. It hasn't yet been revealed if the new chance to play the mode will come alongside the promised MW3 Multiplayer beta, which comes bundled with a pre-order of the game.

Given that Modern Warfare 3 has been gassing up the fact that this new Zombies experience will be set in a vast and open-world setting, indicates that it probably could do with some testing - especially considering its pretty big co-op options. This seems like the best idea, even though we don't know an awful lot about the Zombies beta.

Do we know when the Modern Warfare 3 Zombies beta could launch?

We don't know if this teased Modern Warfare 3 Zombies beta will be coming alongside the larger beta - but if it does, then we can expect to be playing it over two weekends, starting on October 6 for PlayStation users.

It's a frustrating timing system for players, but at least the indication of returning to Zombies is here alongside the game's Multiplayer. Importantly, it shows the investment into Zombies and the need to test ahead of time. We can't wait to take a bite out of MW3's Zombies, in whatever state it's actually in.

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