Clever MW3 Zombies trick gives Tier 2 contracts Tier 3 loot

Clever MW3 Zombies trick gives Tier 2 contracts Tier 3 loot
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Alex Garton


6th Dec 2023 13:05

The thrill of Modern Warfare 3 Zombies is securing a hefty amount of loot and managing to extract from Urzikstan.

Players can achieve this by completing various contracts across the map, with the ones in more dangerous zones providing better and more rare loot.

Venturing into a high-threat area comes with massive risks, but what if there was a way to get Tier 3 loot from a Tier 2 contract?

Well, one clever Zombies fan has discovered exactly how to do it, allowing you to get better rewards for almost no extra work.

MW3 Zombies trick makes Tier 2 contract reward Tier 3 loot

Taking to the CoDZombies subreddit, user Alpha_James decided to showcase a useful trick for anyone completing Tier 2 HVT contracts.

They discovered that if you pick up an HVT objective in Tier 2 and the target you're hunting is located near the border of Tier 3, they can be dragged into the higher-level area for better loot.

Effectively, you guarantee Tier 3 rewards from killing a Mimic if you can drag it into the Tier 3 zone and eliminate it there instead.

As a result, you can collect items like Elemental Pop and Ray Gun Plans from a Tier 2 contract, even though these rewards are exclusive to Tier 3.

Can this be used with any MW3 Zombies contract?

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No, as mentioned by Alpha_James, this only applies to HVT contracts where the target is located near the Tier 3 Zone. This makes it easy to lure the Mimic into the higher-level area and secure the top-tier loot.

While rather situational, it's a useful trick to have in mind as it allows you to snag rare items from a simple contract. For some competitors, Tier 3 is just too much of a risk, so having the ability to complete the highest level contracts for no extra work will be a blessing.

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