CDL Pros find perfect exploit for unlimited Dead Silence in Modern Warfare 2

CDL Pros find perfect exploit for unlimited Dead Silence in Modern Warfare 2
Infinity Ward

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Jack Marsh


22nd Mar 2023 12:57

It still remains one of the biggest gripes for players in Modern Warfare 2, but Dead Silence appears to be being kept as a Field Upgrade for the long run, rather than a perk. 

While it does add a nice skill gap in games, especially in Search and Destroy where its timing is imperative, the silent footsteps upgrade is still yearned for to be moved to a perk, especially with the Sound Equalistation exploit being used by PC players.

But now there's a new method to get unlimited Dead Silence as professional Call of Duty players have found a toxic way to be a real one-man team.

Arcitys finds toxic unlimited Dead Silence trick

Alec "Arcitys" Sanderson is the highest-earning player of all time after successful stints on eUnited, Chicago Huntsmen, and Atlanta FaZe, winning two World Championships.

Often known as an ever-reliable teammate, that tag might have just been thrown out of the window, as he's found a new Dead Silence trick which makes the Upgrade unlimited.

Dead Silence lasts for approximately 15 seconds after it's activated, but can also be reset after getting a kill, starting the timer all over again which can then be chained for an unlimited amount of time as long as you keep getting kills whilst it's active.

However, Arcitys has also found that in Modern Warfare 2 Ranked, the timer resets when you kill a teammate too - given that Ranked has friendly fire activated - meaning if you need to keep the timer going, you can expend one of your own buddies.

MW2 Ranked players might want to watch their back with Dead Silence exploit

Arcitys' trick was at the expense of OpTic's new protegee Dan "Ghosty" Rothe, who was less than impressed at having a Vaznev clip pummeled into his head from his own team member, given that he had no idea the timer reset on Dead Silence via a team kill.

But that just goes to show that the unlimited Dead Silence trick isn't common knowledge.

Now though, it's likely that the trick will begin to circulate around Ranked lobbies, so if you catch a stray bullet from a cracked teammate in the coming days, you might want to wait for their Dead Silence streak to end before giving them a word of encouragement.

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