Following news that selected team have been using a glitch in the Kill Cam, players have called for the feature to be banned.

11:56, 28 Jul 2020

The Toronto Ultra Home Series was the final event of the regular season, and whilst the hosts put on a spectacular show, the latest Call of Duty news highlights that the weekend was rife with controversy, again. Sigh.

In what was set to be the most hyped home series since the transition online, teams were speculated to be using a glitch which allows you to watch your kill cam and look at the mini-map simultaneously, which will then allow you to reveal the locations of the enemy team. 

There is no proof of which teams were using this glitch, if at all, but there were suspicious movements in some games, and seemingly odd voice communications when the casters switched over to the Astro Gaming listen-ins.

Most notable of the allegations comes against the winners and hosts, Toronto Ultra. In a neck-and-neck St. Petrograd Hardpoint versus reigning champions, Dallas Empire, 'Shotzzy' made a break for an early rotation from Hazmats to Pool Room, flanking through the A bombsite and ending up in the back of the map behind the dumpster as the Ultra pushed for crucial scrap time which would extend their lead. Just after one member of the Ultra died, two players quickly u-turned their route up through middle map, to hunt Shotzzy down, even though there didn't seem to be a way of knowing he could have been there. 

It was quickly pointed out by competitive players watching on, such as Chicago Huntsmen's Arcity's:

Reddit users have also been investigating the glitch and have put Atlanta FaZe under the microscope for using it too, in their Domination match versus Toronto.

Faze using the start glitch from r/CoDCompetitive

The glitch has been branded as 'ruining competitive integrity' by many professional players on their social media accounts since the glitch came apparent, and many have found a solution, should Infinity Ward fail to rectify the glitch. 

New York Subliners analyst said "Killcams 100% need to be turned off for CoD Champs if IW aren't able to fix the start glitch soon. Free info through a UAV for dying is straight up game breaking. You'll literally see players trying to get killed on purpose to relay enemy locations." on his Twitter account.


Switching kill cams off will eliminate the problem entirely, however, with many other instances of cheating being alleged throughout the season such as players using Auto Tac-Sprint and Snaking, the elimination of kill cams opens players up to be able to get away with such mechanics. 

With the Call of Duty League World Championships set to kick off on August 29, the competitive scene awaits to see if Infinity Ward will support them, or whether kill cams will find their way on to the Gentleman's Agreement.


Stay tuned at GGRecon for more Call of Duty news.

Image via Activision

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