Cameron Monaghan Teases Cal Kestis' Live-Action Star Wars Debut

Cameron Monaghan Teases Cal Kestis' Live-Action Star Wars Debut
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3rd Aug 2022 12:56

Sometimes, Star Wars really nails its casting. Whether it's Hamill, Fisher, and Ford, Pedro Pascal as Din Djarin, or Liam Neeson as Qui-Gon Jinn, sometimes someone is just made for the galaxy far, far away. In the upper echelon of Star Wars castings, we have Cameron Monaghan and his likeness in Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order

Let's be honest, Monaghan is great in anything he's in. From playing Ian Gallagher in Shameless to Jerome and Jeremiah Valeska in Gotham, Monaghan is an often underrated star who seems destined to play Cal Kestis in live-action. Whether that's a full-blown Fallen Order series or a cameo in something like a mythical Obi-Wan Kenobi Season 2, we're pretty sure he's coming.

Is Cal Kestis Coming To Live-Action Star Wars?

Cal and Cere Fallen Order
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Speaking to Screen Rant, Monaghan was grilled on all things Star Wars and whether he'll be stepping off the Stinger Mantis and into live-action. Although the 28-year-old didn't directly confirm he'll be playing Cal outside of the games, he's raised a few eyebrows with his cryptic response.

While discussing indie thriller Paradise Highway, Monaghan said, "Well of course there's interest. That's about all I can say. [Laughs]." Whether it's his coy response or the chuckle at the end, we can't imagine a world where the franchise's own Emperor Palpatine (Kathleen Kennedy) hasn't at least had a chat to Monaghan. 

We've come a long way from the nine movies of the Skywalker Saga, with a reinvigorated slate of Disney+ shows giving us AndorThe Mandalorian Season 3, Ahsoka, and The Acolyte. There's also a mass of rumoured and confirmed projects like Taika Waititi's movie. Among all of this, we have to have something set in the adventures of Cal Kestis.


What's Next For Cal Kestis?

At least we know Cal's story isn't done yet in video games. Coming in 2023, Star Wars Jedi: Survivor is a sequel set five years after Cal, Cere, and co. escaped the clutches of Darth Vader. We're told Survivor will be a lot darker than its predecessor, which has been shown by the brooding trailer that featured a villainous Pau'an, unknown assailant, and what could be a Cal clone chilling in a bacta tank.

It's unlikely we'll get a live-action Fallen Order series that simply retells the story of 2019's game, but given how expansive the franchise is, there are plenty of ways to take his arc. With Survivor coming five years after Fallen Order, a series set in this gap sounds a little too convenient for our liking. Will Monaghan be swinging Cal's lightsaber in real life? Well, we can feel those rumblings in the Force. 

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