Call of Duty x Overwatch is the next collab that fans want

Call of Duty x Overwatch is the next collab that fans want

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Jack Marsh


26th Sep 2023 14:03

The fiery rains of hell are about to pour down on Call of Duty, as the gates have opened to all forms of ghoulish fiends to enter Warzone.

The Haunting of Al Mazrah has brought forward the threat of Zombies in Warzone and an AI boss character in Vondel, as Diablo V's The Butcher will feature in a Krampus-like fashion.

After preparing for a crossover between Activision entities Call of Duty and Diablo though, franchise fans now want to see Overwatch Operators in Warzone and Modern Warfare 3.

Call of Duty fans want an Overwatch crossover next

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Activision scarcely cross-pollute their titles, unlike Ubisoft whose upcoming XDefiant game will be a crossover polluza with each faction featuring different characters from their catalogue of games.

Yet now crossovers are on the way, and with Diablo joining Crash Bandicoot in the Call of Duty realms this year, fans now want Overwatch to join the CoDverse too.

Just as Lilith and Inarius have been announced to be added as Operators for Modern Warfare 3, the likes of Mercy, Sombra, and Reaper have all been identified by fans as characters that would fit the bill.

What could a Call of Duty x Overwatch crossover look like?

One of the more instant connections between characters in each franchise saw fans pit Reaper as Ghost, continuing the undead theme for the masked models.

Shooter characters such as Genji, Sombra, and Ash could also be viable, given their similar build to the Call of Duty characters, and fit the theme of adding a neon colour to the beige game.

The more lewd Overwatch fans also wanted some kind of D.Va skin that was akin to Nicki Minaj too.

Other fans pointed towards the more-obvious less-imaginative Soldier 76, who could just land as a character of his own with no further introduction needed.

Call of Duty ramped up its collab game significantly for the spooky season, but with Christmas around the corner, maybe Winston in a Santa hat could land in CoD.

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