Call of Duty announces a Crash Bandicoot crossover

Call of Duty announces a Crash Bandicoot crossover
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Jack Marsh


14th Jun 2023 14:30

Activision is really ramping up the collaborations between its titles in recent weeks, even if it's trying to persuade Call of Duty players to head over to their other games like Diablo 4.

With a good catalogue of other franchises under its wings, Activision is now leaning on its best-selling CoD ever to serve as free advertising and promotion campaigns. Surprisingly, Crash Bandicoot appears to be the newest selling point.

A few weeks after releasing some free Crash Bandicoot items into Modern Warfare 2, the publisher has now announced a bigger crossover event for Season 4.

A Crash Bandicoot Blueprint is coming to Call of Duty

The collab game is growing stronger and stronger for Activision, as Call of Duty unofficially enters Skyrim and Modern Warfare 2, as well as an upcoming The Boys crossover in Season 4.

Previous collabs have brought Operators to the game, whereas this time, Activision is using its IPs to make Blueprints. The gaming giant has officially unveiled a Call of Duty x Crash Bandicoot weapon skin that will arrive in stores in the coming weeks.

The bundle won't be a replica of Crash's iconic fruit bazooka, but instead, it will be a reflection of the wumpa-firing weapon with a tracer pack being added to an "N.Sanity" Sniper Rifle and "Let’s Rumble" SMG weapon Blueprint.

The bundle, which will release on June 20 and be priced at 2,400 CP, will also feature a "Wumpa" grenade, alongside customisation features for ATVs, loading screens, stickers, and emblems.

What's next for Activision's Call of Duty crossovers?

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Activision is now opening the doors for its IPs to cross over more frequently, leaving speculation as to what could come next.

The publishers also own the likes of Overwatch, Candy Crush, Spyro, and Guitar Hero, where a classic Jimmy Hendrix skin that shoots along to the sound of "Through the Fire and Flames" would certainly be a bundle to behold.

Crash Bandicoot's bundle does come in anticipation of Crash Team Rumble, which releases on June 20. Imagine introducing Dr. Neo Cortex as some villainous Operator in a Crash-themed DLC. Ah, we can only dream. 

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