Call of Duty players beg for Halloween Pennywise Operator

Call of Duty players beg for Halloween Pennywise Operator
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6th Sep 2023 15:56

No more clowning around, where is our Pennywise Operator skin in Call of Duty? As the nights draw in and a strange fog blows in across Al Mazrah, it's that time of year when the CoDverse gears up for its annual Halloween spooktacular (well, unless you're Black Ops Cold War). 

There are reports that the beloved Haunting event will be back for Modern Warfare 2's swansong, easing itself and Warzone into the new era of Modern Warfare 3. There are leaks galore pointing toward Evil Dead's Ash, Hellsing's Alucard, and Spawn, but as with every collab, we find ourselves asking for more.

Call of Duty players demand Pennywise Operator

We know some of you suffer from Coulrophobia (fear of clowns), but just imagine the money-making potential of putting a Pennywise Operator in the Call of Duty shop. It's a cold night in Warzone, you dart behind a corner, and there he is. That dancing clown, doing a merry jig, with a blood-stained mouth. 

Despite the purely cosmetic effects Call of Duty Operators have, it hasn't stopped us from spending our hard-earned cash to grab every bundle under the Sun. With skins carrying over to 2023's Modern Warfare 3, there's even more of an incentive to buy mythical John Wick or Pennywise skins. 

When Warzone News asked if we wanted a Pennywise Operator in CoD, it was a pretty rhetorical question. One cheered, "I think I would cry," while another added, "Hell yeah, wish they'd do that instead of some of the leaked ones."

Someone else joked, "I s**t my pants enough watching the movies, I don’t need to s**t my pants every time I play Warzone thank you very much." Others pointed out the Clownin' bundle is already here, but that's a bit like if you ordered Pennywise from Wish.  

Where's Dead By Daylight's Pennywise skin?

Call of Duty Clownin' Bundle
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When it comes to horror crossovers, Behaviour Interactive has the competition licked, thanks to Dead By Daylight. The asymmetrical horror has added everyone from Freddy Kruger to Jason Voorhees, with Alien's Xenomorph Queen being its latest brainwave.

We've seen the likes of Texas Chainsaw Massacre's Leatherface and Saw's Billy the Puppet appear in both CoD and Dead By Daylight, but if the former got Pennywise before the latter, it would be a big win. Much like there are calls for Pennywise to jump into CoD, the Fog is sadly missing out on the psychotic clown. 

Unfortunately, if DBD can't get Pennywise, then it could be a rights or licensing issue. Call of Duty has had some pretty major horror legends stop by in the past, and to be honest, we'd happily welcome back the Ghostface/Scream skin if it had some more variants.

Thankfully, with everyone from Skeletor to Lilith reportedly stopping by this Halloween, there are plenty of ghosts and ghouls to keep us company. One day, maybe we'll be able to float too, but for the time being, it's back to the sewers of Derry with Pennywise. 

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