Players are throwing money at Keanu Reeves’ Modern Warfare 2 skin

Players are throwing money at Keanu Reeves’ Modern Warfare 2 skin
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Jack Marsh


13th Mar 2023 14:35

Activision is finally upping its game regarding Call of Duty skins, and although there has been some pushback when in-store bundles have been better than the Tier 100 battle pass rewards, there are still plenty of customisation options on the way. 

If you're not a CDL skin fan, the options have been quite scarce lately, but the arrival of Shredder will likely boost player morale. Added to this, a range of iconic characters are also getting makeovers, including Captain Price, Ghost, and Farah.

However, fans still fancy more elaborate crossovers, meaning one player has gone and morphed Keanu Reeves through the Matrix and into Modern Warfare 2.

MW2 fan makes Keanu Reeves made into Call of Duty Operator

Reddit user "B3MB" has created a Keanu Reeves-inspired Modern Warfare 2 skin on Photoshop, casting the John Wick actor into a new gunfire-heavy franchise.

The user appears to have placed Reeves over the head of Ghost, but it's undeniable that the stone-cold killer fits the SAS suit pretty well.

Although it's not Reeves' usual suited-and-booted approach, many fans on Reddit have now applauded the artist and want to buy the in-game skin.

Players already want to buy the Keanu Reeves MW2 Operator

With more collaborations coming to the franchise following the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles partnership, fans are now imploring that the devs add this Keanu Reeves skin and have already vowed to purchase it.

"I feel like if this was an operator bundle in MWII it would sell insanely well," said one fan.

"Never bought a bundle but I’d 100% buy this one," added another, while more fans said, "I’d definitely spend whatever amount of CoD points are required to get Mr Wick", "I would buy it in an instant", and "I would buy a John Wick operator so fast".

It's not the first time we've seen fan-made Operators go viral, and even look better than anything in the game currently, as someone previously used AI programmes to make NFL franchise-inspired characters ahead of the Superbowl in February.

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