Call of Duty fan fixes ‘masculine’ Lara Croft Operator

Call of Duty fan fixes ‘masculine’ Lara Croft Operator
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Tom Chapman


8th Sep 2023 15:44

The union between two gaming Goliaths should be a chance to celebrate, but as is an all-too-common occurrence in Call of Duty, its latest collaboration is being royally torn apart. If dealing with rat Operators and others claiming to be Nazis wasn't enough, you had Nicki Minaj simply being branded "annoying" by critics.

You'd think it would be hard to fumble a gaming icon like Lara Croft, but with CoD's own Tomb Raider crossover coming years after Fortnite tried the same thing, there were always going to be comparisons. The typically toxic CoD fandom soon piled on the hate, and as well as a "pudgy" face, Lara is now being called too masculine.

Call of Duty fan slam Lara Croft Operator

As we head toward the end of Modern Warfare 2's life cycle, it's time to look back at what's been a while ol' ride. Things started off with an obscure Teenage Mutant Ninja crossover in Season 3, expanded to a laser-shooting Homelander in Season 4, and now has hip-hop stars (and bunnies). 

Lara Croft continues the complaints about the Fortnitification of CoD, but away from that, the Tomb Raider Operator has been called out for simply not being that good. Ahead of Ms. Croft's September 9 release, Lara's finisher has been leaked. As you can imagine, the haters haven't been kind to her. 

Calling out the way the usually agile Lara stomps around, one grumbled, "Where's the grace or the style? Lacking a lot of what made Tomb Raider good here. At least she's rocking the dual pistols and it looks like she's tall, but still a miss for me."

Another added, "She looks like she wants to talk to the manager," and a third said, "Think her finisher should simply be screaming 'it’s ma’am'." Lara was always onto a loser here, with someone concluding, "Making male characters female instead of making female characters cool."

Call of Duty fan 'fixes' Lara Croft Operator

As you can imagine, most of these complaints are from the same toxic fan base that called out Horizon's Aloy for having a "hairy" face or Fable for having an "ugly" protagonist. Still, there are others who simply don't like the look of the Lara Croft Operator, calling out the designers for not being faithful to her legacy. 

One Reddit, u/Swiz19 has created their own Lara Croft, which most CoD players agree is better than the actual design we'll soon be splashing CoD points on. Combining old and new Lara, it's exactly the kind of look we'd expect for Crystal Dynamics' upcoming outing

Supporters cheered, as one said, "This is sooo good. I love the fact that you implemented some Angelina. It just gets the vibe. The classic elements just makes it perfect for me, too." Another added, "She’s perfect 😍." While CoD's Lara Croft Operator might not be perfect, we're still sure she's going to sell like hotcakes.

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