Breath Of The Wild Is Trending On Twitter For All The Wrong Reasons

Breath Of The Wild Is Trending On Twitter For All The Wrong Reasons
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Joseph Kime


1st Jun 2022 15:08

It's obvious that the hype for The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild isn't something that can ever die. We've now reached a point where the last big Zelda title has entered the legend status we've always known it would.

Breath of the Wild is one of the most beloved games of all time, and when the life of the Nintendo Switch has come to pass, we'll remember it as one of its greatest commitments to gaming. Everyone is still gassing it up on social media, with clips of the game still being a big part of gaming Twitter. 

Why Is Breath Of The Wild Trending On Twitter?

Weirdly, Breath of the Wild is trending for another reason. And it's a reason that probably doesn't bode well for SEGA. A brand-new teaser for Sonic Frontiers has spun into action and offered us our very first look at gameplay for the potentially groundbreaking game in the series.

The Frontiers gameplay has garnered a lot of attention, but it's not particularly swinging in the favour of SEGA. Basically, Breath of the Wild has trended on Twitter as a result of so many users comparing the game's aesthetic to that of the iconic Zelda title. Yikes.

To be fair to those fans, the next Sonic game does look relatively similar. Complete with a sprawling wild at the centre of the game's setting - and the promise of an open-world experience - even its colouring all seems very familiar. Well, if you can't beat 'em...


The game has been compared to Breath of the Wild ever since its teaser trailer first launched, which was simply a cinematic look at Sonic darting through a wooded area. Now, we have more confirmation that Sonic Frontiers is taking inspiration from what's arguably Zelda's biggest accomplishment.

When Are We Going To Find Out More About Sonic Frontiers?

According to the official Sonic the Hedgehog Twitter account that initially shared the small preview of the game, there's more info to come pertaining to Sonic Frontiers to come this month via IGN and its IGN First cover story.

There's much more to learn about the upcoming Zelda - we mean Sonic - game, and we're intrigued to watch the adventure title take shape in a way that doesn't make it seem exclusively like it's ripping off Breath of the Wild. Though many fans have already made up their minds, there's a chance Sonic can carve out an identity of its own. And we hope it manages to break the mould.

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