Apex Legend Bloodhound gets their very own lore video

10:55, 02 Apr 2020

Bloodhound got their very own animated chapter in the 'Stories of the Outlands' series, posted today by Apex Legends on their YouTube channel. 

The description reads; 

Before they became legend, young Bloodhound faced a rite of passage. Join them on the hunt and learn the harsh lessons of the Old Ways.

Relating to the Bloodhound Town Takeover, the 10-minute long video gives us a deeper understanding of Bloodhound's history, and their future. The video includes a look at how Bloodhound came across new technology, such as the Charge Rifle, and was then exiled for using it to execute an unnamed large and terrifying predatory animal, in doing so "rejecting" the old ways. Bloodhound ultimately uses their Heirloom axe to finally take down the beast.

It also features a sneak peek at Prowlers, which are a new creature entering the battlefield.

Watch the epic video below;

The Old Ways Event

Respawn announced that Bloodhound’s The Old Ways lore event kicks off on April 7 and ends on April 21, with more limited edition cosmetics to collect and challenges to complete. Bloodhound Trials will take over a part of Worlds Edge, where you can fight off hordes of prowlers to get high tier loot, another added element of danger to the Battle Royale format. 

Duos will also be permanently added to the game, a long-time ask of Apex fans. The original Kings Canyon Map will also return as part of a permanent rotation. Check out the challenge and points format, and the cosmetics on offer below;


Image via Respawn Entertainment

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