OG Black Ops 2 Killstreaks return in Modern Warfare 3 Season 1

OG Black Ops 2 Killstreaks return in Modern Warfare 3 Season 1
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Alex Garton


1st Dec 2023 15:45

We all know that Killstreaks are essential to the Call of Duty experience as they reward players for consistency in skirmishes, and that's certainly no different in Modern Warfare 3.

From classic options like UAV or the Cruise Missile to more advanced rewards like the Chopper Gunner or Carpet Bomb, there's an option for every type of player in multiplayer.

Well, Sledgehammer has decided to expand the Killstreak arsenal with Season 1, and it's coming with another hit of nostalgia for CoD fans. Taken straight from Black Ops 2, the EMP and Swarm Killstreaks are back in MW3, and it's got the community very excited.

EMP & Swarm Killstreaks added to MW3 multiplayer


As showcased by the popular Call of Duty account ModernWarzone, the EMP and Swarm from Black Ops 2 are coming to MW3 on December 6.

For those who are unaware, Swarm deploys a large number of Mosquito Drones to provide blanket coverage over an area, and EMP emits an electromagnetic pulse that disrupts enemy killstreaks and equipment.

In terms of earning these Killstreaks, Swarm will require 15 kills or 1875 points, while EMP can be earned by reaching 13 kills or 1625 points. These will be available to unlock on December 6 at the start of Season 1 through an Armory Challenge, so keep your eyes peeled.

CoD fans call for more classic Killstreaks to return to MW3

Attack Dogs killstreak Call of Duty
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This news sparked a discussion about the potential for other classic Killstreaks to come to MW3 and there was a clear favourite from the community.

Countless players want to see the return of Attack Dogs, a brilliant Killstreak that was immensely disruptive on the battlefield. "Bring back my attack dogs," said one user, with another arguing "Attack dogs need to be in every call of duty there I said it."

With Sledgehammer leaning so heavily into nostalgia and throwback seasons rumoured to be on the cards, Attack Dogs could very well be on the table. There's clearly a demand for them to return, so it seems like an easy win for the devs.

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