BioShock Fan Film Shows Why We Need A Live-Action Adaptation

BioShock Fan Film Shows Why We Need A Live-Action Adaptation
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4th Feb 2022 12:51

We're diving deep into an ocean of possibilities, as one gaming fan has reminded us why it's a crying shame we still haven't had a live-action BioShock movie. If someone doesn't cast Johnny Depp as Andrew Ryan, you're missing a trick.

Making waves in the survival horror genre in 2007, the first BioShock was much more than your average first-person shooter. Taking us to the underwater dystopia of Rapture, it was clear that it was more than the pressure of the ocean that was putting a few cracks in the nautical city's hierarchy.

The franchise expanded with BioShock in 2010, then explored a whole new locale with BioShock Infinite's floating Columbia in 2013. We know a fourth game is on the way from Cloud Chamber, but as time ticks on, we're still asking... where is the BioShock movie? 

What Is The BioShock Fan Film?

Posting on YouTube, Solano Pictures shared The Interrogation of Timmy H. Heading back to the OG BioShock, there was a throwaway audio diary about a man called Timmy H who was loyal to Frank Fontaine. Timmy H was tortured to death by Sullivan (working for Andrew Ryan), while his electrocuted body was found next to the audio diary.

Here, Solano Pictures recreates Timmy H's interrogation in the style of the games. Better yet, the project has landed BioShock composer Garry Schyman. It's definitely captured the tone of Rapture - with an odd greenish glow and a recreation of 1956. It's also great to see the game's lighthouse looming from the Mid-Atlantic.

Fans were suitably impressed, with one writing, "Superb! As a huge Bioshock fan, I've always wanted to see something like this. The lighting, tone, sound, dialogue, acting, cinematography, set design was fantastic and literally brought the world of Bioshock to life. Amazing job, Thank you for this!"

Another gushed, "What a beautiful representation of Rapture and its people. I can't imagine all the effort you guys put into this, but now I'd love to see more audio diaries represented like this! Thank you for giving us fans such a gift." Given the reception, we hope Solano Pictures recreates more audio diaries. 

Are We Getting A BioShock Movie?

Last year, there were rumours of a BioShock Netflix series, but they've still yet to turn into anything. Even though Solano's fan film shows how it could work as a gritty live-action series to follow in the footsteps of HaloThe Last of Us, and The Witcher, what about a full-blown movie? We find ourselves agreeing Guillermo del Toro could probably pull off an amazing BioShock adaptation. 

BioShock movie was first announced in 2009, with Pirates of the Caribbean's Gore Verbinski attached to direct. Verbinski explained why it was cancelled, saying a massive budget and R-rating put studios off. In this era where we can't move for live-action video game adaptations, it could be time to "float" the idea of a BioShock movie once again.


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