BioShock 4 teaser trailer takes us to Paris

BioShock 4 teaser trailer takes us to Paris
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Joseph Kime


30th Oct 2023 17:15

It's been some time since we got to experience a new BioShock title, and though we've got Judas on the way as a spiritual successor to keep us in its dingy, other-worldly, atmosphere, there are still many calling for a return.

They want a return, not just to Rapture, but to the eerie worlds of self-professed brilliance by inventors with god complexes. We've done Rapture and we've done Columbia - so what's next? As it turns out, Paris could maybe be next. 

BioShock 4 concept takes the series to Paris

A brand-new fan concept for BioShock 4 sees the series trade-in the wet Rapture and windy Columbia for the - well - wet and windy Paris.

The idea has taken to YouTube thanks to creator TeaserPlay, and it shows off an adaptation of Paris that takes on a Cyberpunk aesthetic that meshes with the city pretty well. BioShock has always been known for its inventive backdrops, and the Paris idea is no different. 

The BioShock 4 concept was developed in Unreal Engine 5, and is quite frankly stunning. There's little we can do to sell it to you in words - just watch the video. 

Fans react to Bioshock Paris concept

The world of lighthouses in BioShock Infinite.
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"This honestly shows the potential BioShock can have in new games," posits one fan of the concept in its YouTube comments. "They could make it into a new series in various steampunk inspired cities."

"Steampunk world mixed with Paris looks amazing, props for the effort," said a third, while a fourth concluded, "The art deco look of the game is amazing! Also, reminds me of Tim Burton's Batman a little." There's no word on where BioShock 4 will be set, but remember Paris is mentioned several times in BioShock Infinite. 

TeaserPlay is known for its impressive fan trailer, and it's paying off when it comes to more players wanting to see more BioShock. We know a sequel is in the works - and we just have to hope that it looks this good when it's finally revealed.

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