Why Does BioShock Infinite Keep Getting Updated?

Why Does BioShock Infinite Keep Getting Updated?
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28th Mar 2022 14:07

Whether we soar for the skies, dive deep into the ocean, or go somewhere completely new, all are eyes are on what's next for the BioShock series. While we already know the newly formed Cloud Chamber is working on BioShock 4, there are strange things going on with BioShock Infinite right now.

Released in 2013, BioShock Infinite was the third game in the series but delivered a completely 180 on what we thought we knew. Instead of going back to the underwater terrors of Rapture, Irrational Games took us above the clouds to the floating city of Columbia. Still, Burial at Sea DLC brought us back down to Earth with a story that tied directly to the events of 2007's original game.

Why Is BioShock Infinite Being Updated?

Over on Reddit, one fan noted that BioShock has just been updated for the ninth time in March. These mystery updates apparently started last September and have been increasing on a monthly basis. Looking at the mountain of updates the lauded shooter has had in the past month, it's clear we're building toward something big... but what is it?

The most logical answer is that 2K is getting ready to reveal a new-gen remaster of the game. Nine years is a pretty long time in the gaming industry, and just like Rockstar Games has rolled out its Expanded & Enhanced GTA V, we can only imagine how beautiful Columbia would look with updated graphics and new-gen capabilities. This would fit with when the divisive GTA Trilogy replaced the original games on the Steam storefront. We've also seen the same when the first six Final Fantasy games replaced their original counterparts on the platform. 

Others think a Steam Deck release could be imminent. Although Steam Deck claims it can run almost any PC game, BioShock Infinite is currently one of the few that isn't compatible with the portable console. One supporter wrote: "'2K Launcher Development Branch' well that explains it, a Steam deck compatibility would be a nice bonus but don't get your hopes up." Given Infinite's impressive legacy, it's definitely surprising it wasn't available on Steam Deck from the start.


Could The BioShock Infinite Update Be Nothing?

BioShock Infinite Gameplay
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Once bitten, twice shy. If we've learnt anything over the years, it's that we should prepare to be disappointed. The third option is that 2K is simply working on its own launcher to showcase its games. There are a lot of gamers who refuse to download the Epic Games Store, and a 2K launcher would be one way to get around it. Unfortunately, we're waiting for word from up high about what's going on. 

Although Infinite divided critics upon release for simply being too far away from the dark aesthetic of the first two games, it brought people back with its jaw-dropping ending and post-release content. Whatever is going on with BioShock Infinite, a full-blown remaster could be the ideal way to drum up interest in BioShock 4. We'd just like to see a 4K version of bread boy.


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