BioShock 4 Could Snub Xbox By Becoming PlayStation Exclusive

BioShock 4 Could Snub Xbox By Becoming PlayStation Exclusive
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23rd Dec 2021 14:48

As the arm-wrestle between Sony and Microsoft reaches a stalemate towards the end of 2021, both production giants are looking way into the future with the aim of toppling the other in the next-generation console wars.

Both Xbox and PlayStation traded blows in the bout for gaming supremacy by tying down titles to be exclusive to their respective platforms. Microsoft tightened its grasp on the likes of Halo Infinite, whilst Sony ramped up the pressure with God of War

Going into the new year, it now looks like Sony is dipping its hands into the deep and dark depths of the ocean to come up with their next selling point, emerging with the eagerly anticipated BioShock 4

Could BioShock 4 Be A PlayStation Exclusive?

As Sony prepares to kick off the fight in 2022 with the release of Horizon Forbidden West in February, Gran Turismo 7 in March, and Forspoken in May, rumblings have emerged that the PS5 developers are eyeing the already-established BioShock franchise to retaliate to Xbox snatching Bethesda's Elder Scrolls series.

According to Xbox fanatic and well-reputed podcast host, Nick "Shpeshal_Ed" Baker, Sony is pushing to get BioShock 4 to be exclusive to their consoles, if not permanently, at least for a timed period upon its release.

"I have been told that Sony is up to their shenanigans again, and the new BioShock game is being money-headed by Sony," began Baker on his XboxEra Podcast, before adding "I'm gonna guess timed, I'd be shocked if 2K took a full for that one. I'm just going to assume timed."

It wouldn't come as the first time the franchise was launched as an exclusive to an individual console either, although it would come as a U-turn from Take-Two Interactive, having seen the original title be released on Xbox 360 almost 14 months before a port finally landed for PlayStation 3.

Why Would BioShock Go Exclusive to PlayStation?

BioShock 4
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At face value, BioShock's expansive fan base edges throughout the entire world of gaming, whether they're Microsoft or Sony fans. However, PlayStation has become the home of gripping storylines through its exclusives - massively favouring titles that have in-depth single-player campaigns that are complimented by a multiplayer experience.

With the exception of Bethesda's Elder Scrolls, Xbox has looked towards Halo and Gears of War to put online mosh-pits as a priority. Thankfully, going exclusive to a title may seem to limit a games outreach.

If Take-Two Interactive opted to take the cash grab and be tied down to one console, their demographic screams PlayStation, which could sway in the favour of Sony. The console wars show no signs of slowing down, and it appears that BioShock will send waves into the FPS genre by signing with Sony. Unless Microsoft has any further tricks up its sleeves...


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