Baby Yoda Tamagotchi Lets You Be The Mandalorian

Baby Yoda Tamagotchi Lets You Be The Mandalorian
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Joseph Kime


22nd Sep 2022 11:00

The ongoing success of The Mandalorian has proved we can have a Star Wars project that doesn't have to have much to do with the Skywalkers at all.

Though the end of Season 2 roped Mando into the wider Star Wars mythos, it was nice in the meantime to watch Din Djarin go on space adventures with his adoptive son without any obligation to the galaxy far, far away.

Of course, the breakout star of the show is Grogu, the precious little boy who comes from Yoda's species and makes the Mandalorian's life exponentially harder. And now, we can share in Mando's strife with our own little guy - giving him a '90s twist.

Tamagotchi Introduces Grogu Model

The official Tamagotchi US Twitter account has revealed that it has a new collaboration with Star Wars in the works, and it has developed a brand-new Tamagotchi in the style of Grogu himself. This virtual pet joins the unfathomably long list of Grogu-themed merchandising ventures from Star Wars, and frankly, it might be the cutest of the bunch.

We don't have any details when it comes to the way that the Tamagotchi works, but it's probably safe to assume that it's going to work similarly to the way that Tamagotchis usually do. Only this time, we've got Grogu as our pet to look after. This isn't the first Star Wars Tamagotchi, either, with last year bringing the official R2-D2 virtual pet too.


When Does The Baby Yoda Tamagotchi Come Out?

Supposedly, the pre-orders for the Grogu Tamagotchi will become available on Amazon soon. That's according to the Tamagotchi Twitter account, but given that it's trademarked for 2023, it's likely to be released at some point early next year.

The Grogu Tamagotchi is perfect for people like us, who have always dreamed of having our own little green pal. Though given our track record, we can't guarantee he won't be dead by the end of the first month.

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