Asmongold Plans To Return To Final Fantasy XIV Very Soon

Asmongold Plans To Return To Final Fantasy XIV Very Soon
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Emma Hill


12th Apr 2022 08:33

MMO Twitch star Zack "Asmongold" has finally revealed when he plans to return to Final Fantasy XIV after a long break away from the game. 

Twitch streamer Asmongold has certainly been a busy bee in recent times, flying up the streaming ranks with his Elden Ring and Lost Ark playthroughs. However, before all of that, there was Square Enix's FFXIV where Asmongold could be found spending most of his time. Not only that but thanks to his streams of the online MMO, the game experienced huge growth in its player base and general popularity. 

And even though it's been more about Elden Ring and Lost Ark fans have always begged the streamer to come back to Eorzea. Now, it looks like his return to FFXIV could be sooner than we thought. 

Why Has Asmongold Not Played FFXIV For So Long?

Asmongold's first break came thanks to his WoW playthroughs. However, it was his Final Fantasy XIV streams that really kicked things off for him, with his journey with the game beginning back in July 2021. It wasn't long before his streams started pulling hundreds of thousands of views with his playthroughs of the game. 

However, over time, fans began to notice Asmongold was spending a lot less time with Final Fantasy XIV. He subsequently had to defend himself from FFXIV "purists" who said he wasn't a "real player" because he didn't really like the game. However, Asmongold denied any such claims citing that he just had other games he wanted to work on first, particularly Lost ArkWoW, and Elden Ring

WoW turned out not to be a great experience for the Twitch streamer, who became increasingly frustrated with the MMORPG. However, his Elden Ring playthroughs proved particularly popular, with Asmongold pulling over one million views per stream. Not only that, but he actually ended up loving the fantasy RPG calling it "one of the best games" he'd ever played. 

When Is Asmongold Coming Back To FFXIV?

Old-school Asmongold fans were ecstatic to learn that the streamer plans to return to FFXIV in his future streams. Laying out his plan for his future content in a new YouTube video, Asmongold said: "This is what my general plan with FFXIV is. I'm going to probably do the FFXIV main scenario quests a little bit after they do the next WoW expansion announcement."

Explaining why he is planning to plough through WoW first, Asmongold stated: "I'll probably want to play WoW for a while because I'll be excited about that game, and I'll want to catch up with everything there because a lot of people will be playing. I want to do the FFXIV main scenario quests a little bit after that, and that's going to be on April 19. So, that's my general vague plan for FFXIV. I don't want to spend too much time without doing it, but that's currently what my plan is."

So, old-school Asmongold fans rejoice because it looks like Asmongold could be planning on returning to FFXIV any time after April 19. However, it looks like it could be a while before the streamer can bring himself to play Lost Ark again. 


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