Asmongold Completes Elden Ring: "It's One Of The Best Games I've Ever Played"

Asmongold Completes Elden Ring: "It's One Of The Best Games I've Ever Played"
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1st Apr 2022 13:16

Zack "Asmongold" has finally finished Elden Ring after having ploughed through the game for weeks during his livestreams. The Twitch streamer then took to Twitter to share his highly-anticipated review.

There's no denying that Elden Ring has dominated the internet since its release on February 25. As content creators have pulled in the views by jumping on the hype surrounding the fantasy RPG, there's one streamer who fans have been paying close attention, that being Asmongold. Having made his name playing World Of Warcraft and all of FromSoftware's Souls-like games, fans were eager to hear what he had to say about Elden Ring

There have been some uneasy moments from Asmongold with Elden Ring. However, he persevered and has now shared his thoughts having finally finished the game.

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What Did Asmongold Say About Elden Ring?

Asmongold has been keeping fans hooked with his Elden Ring and Lost Ark playthroughs in recent weeks. After coming up against the game's hardest bosses and various hard-hitting Invaders, Asmongold finally vaulted the last hurdle and finished Elden Ring. The Twitch streamer and YouTuber then took to Twitter to share his final review of the game. 

In the tweet posted on March 31, Asmongold said: "Finished Elden Ring. It's so rare nowadays for a game to live up to its hype, but somehow Elden Ring exceeded it. It's one of the best games I've ever played." 

The review was welcomed by Elden Ring players who have been keeping a keen eye on Asmongold's livestreams to get his take on the game. However, there were some mixed responses to the streamer's summary review. A number of fans shared their thoughts with one even saying he preferred "Elden Ring over Dark Souls 3 in nearly every conceivable way save for some bosses."

Although, others weren't so enthusiastic as one fan stated: "I don't dislike the game by any means, but it hasn't captivated me at all like I thought it would. I guess it just feels like Dark Souls 3 with less direction and order."

What Has Asmongold Said About Elden Ring In The Past?

Asmongold's glowing review may have come as a surprise to some fans given how there have certainly been some bumps along the way. For example, at the beginning of March, Asmongold declared he was "quitting" the game entirely due to having various issues with the RPG, including getting "constantly lost." However, he did go on to defend the game against players who complained that Elden Ring was "easier" than FromSoftware's other Souls-like games. 

It's unlikely this means Asmongold will stop playing Elden Ring now, given how his popularity has only increased on Twitch thanks to the game. With the streamer pulling in millions of views each stream and slowly catching up to his rivals in the charts, chances are he'll be returning to the Lands Between very soon.

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