Apex Players Jealous Of 'Superior' Apex Legends: Mobile

Apex Players Jealous Of 'Superior' Apex Legends: Mobile
Respawn Entertainment

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Joseph Kime


18th May 2022 13:22

Apex Legends: Mobile is finally here, and fans are loving it. It was about time that the battle royale giant made the jump to mobile. It makes perfect sense to follow in the footsteps of Fortnite and PUBG, especially considering their immense financial success.

The mobile version of Apex Legends launched yesterday (May 17), along with a wealth of new goodies including a new way to experience the battlefield in third-person view, and even an entirely new (exclusive-to-mobile) Legend. It's a pretty big deal for Respawn Entertainment, that already seems to be paying off. But some fans are feeling a little left behind.

Apex Players Are Jealous Of Apex Legends Mobile

The Apex Legends community seems to be in two minds about the successes of Apex Legends: Mobile. Although some are loving the game itself, others are green with envy at the brand-new features made exclusively for the port.

Mostly, fans are disappointed that the Apex's new Legend, Fade, is only a part of the mobile game for now. Despite expectations that the character will come to the main version eventually, gamers are still a little salty that they're not able to grab him right away in the console version of Apex Legends.

One Reddit post has made it clear that other features are better in the mobile version too - as it turns out that the game's firing range allows you to try out each of the characters without needing to unlock them beforehand. It means you can take Legends for a spin before taking the plunge with a full purchase.


Fans Are Already Sick Of Players Complaining About Apex

Interestingly, though, a civil war has reared its head in the Apex Legends subreddit. Not only are players complaining about the changes made exclusively for the mobile version of the game, but others are complaining about the players complaining in the first place. "Is this torrent of Apex Mobile vs OG Apex posts going to go on for long?" asks one fan. "It's an especially low level of content even for this sub."

"I hope there's a different sub for the mobile version," says another. "I give 0 f**ks about the mobile version." It seems that everyone is at each other's throats over the new version of Apex Legends, even though chances are that they can just download the new version for free anyway. As ever, there's no pleasing fans - so Respawn may have its work cut out for it in balancing the two titles.


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