Apex Legends Teases A Major Titanfall Crossover

Apex Legends Teases A Major Titanfall Crossover
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Joseph Kime


21st Apr 2022 10:00

With all things considered, and knowing what leads a free-to-play battle royale game to success, Apex Legends has been pretty unwilling to engage with full-on crossovers.

It had a bizarre run-in with FIFA 22, but beyond that, Apex Legends has kept itself to itself - and to be honest, it's done a pretty good job of defining itself as one of the most worthy competitors in the free-to-play landscape. Though, it's no stranger to getting along with other Respawn Entertainment properties.

The game is set in the same universe as Titanfall, and the game has done a good job of making the most of that - introducing narrative points as well as entire playable characters from the fan-favourite shooter series. And now, it's about to go even heavier on its dedication to bringing the two worlds together.

Titanfall 2's Spectres Could Be Coming To Apex Legends

A new teaser has been revealed by the official Apex Legends Twitter account, hinting to players what's to come in the game's next season. And fans reckon something big is on the way.

The giant mechanical infantry units known as Spectres from the Titanfall series are expected to make their arrival on Storm Point, after a big change has been hinted by some flooding across the map.

The video shared shows a security protocol in activation, deploying Spectre troop containers to the map - all while the head of one of the behemoths hovers in the corner.

What Are Titanfall 2's Spectres?

Apex Legends Teases A Major Titanfall Crossover
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The BRD-01 Automated Infantry Spectres are militarised MRVN units, produced by Hammond Robotics and designed with an ability to kill efficiently in mind. 

In the Titanfall series, their main use is for "urban pacification and occupation", so they're basically robot cops. The games see them vulnerable to hacks from the Data Knife, but given that they're now coming to Storm Point, you might not be so lucky to have one.

It'd be a big new crossover to come to the game, and it'd be yet another piece of the Titanfall universe to drip into Apex Legends, and we're excited to see it. Now add wall-running, you cowards.


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