Respawn have responded to the claims.

17:00, 14 May 2020

Apex Legends Ranked is a grind to Predator, the highest level you can achieve in the competitive playlist. But what of those who already have this glory, what next? Apparently, teaming.

Teaming is finding other groups of players and joining forces to take out the rest of the squads in the match. Obviously, this is unfair, and akin to cheating, especially in Ranked where points for placement are detrimental to your tier and teaming will almost guarantee a scenario where these two offending teams are the last two standing.

The latest Apex Legends news comes from a thread on r/ApexLegends, which first alerted the Apex community, and Respawn Entertainment, to this behaviour. The post showed the #1 and #2 Apex Predators Xynoa and Skittles appearing to “6 man team” on EU servers. The video features the team clearly letting a “rival” Pathfinder safely loot.

The #1 and #2 Apex predators Xynoa and Skittles caught 6 man teaming on EU servers from r/apexlegends
6 Predators Teaming on Xbox. Take action immediately so legit players can earn a rightful spot. Multiple of them are even top 10. One threatened to boot me offline. More below. from r/apexlegends

Commenters go on to mention that both the players in question “keep each others' streams open so they can watch where each other are and get twice as much visual information as anyone else”, and calls them “terrible sports”.

The fanbase then reached out to Respawn Entertainment, to see if the players would be punished, with some calling for an immediate ban on their accounts. Senior Designer Chin Xiang Chong responded to one such claim on Twitter.

There has been no further word from Respawn Entertainment on whether or not the players will be held accountable for their actions.

Images via Respawn Entertainment

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