Salvage is the new POI.

18:20, 08 May 2020

In the latest Apex Legends news, Respawn Entertainment recently unveiled the Season 5 gameplay trailer for Apex Legends and it looks like it might be the best season yet. 

As well as the confirmed addition of new Legend Loba, the Apex team has also revealed more information via the trailer.

Check out all the juicy details of Season 5: Fortune's Favor, and watch the brand-new gameplay trailer, below.

Apex Legends have not only released a cinematic launch trailer, but the recent gameplay trailer reveals new information regarding upcoming changes when the Season 5 update drops.

Map Changes

Kings Canyon looks to be the main battlefield for Season 5, with map changes being heavily alluded to. We see Skull Town plummeting down into the earth (and into the Hammond Robotics underground lair) in the cinematic trailer. 


The gameplay trailer rings true again, showing Kings Canyon completely torn apart and remodelled. The dangerous new POI is named 'Salvage', and hangs precariously off the side of the KC map in a newly created bay. 


The Season Quest will be the main addition to Apex Legends when Season 5 launches, providing in-game 'missions', relating to Loba finding new treasures. Teams will be given PVE Season Quests, to complete in-game. Investigating clues and finding 'treasure packs' will help your squad find artifacts. 

Loba's Abilities

We also got a chance to peek Loba's abilities, including her Ultimate shop ability (Black Market Boutique) which appears to be a Revenant-esque totem, where she announces 'shop's open for business!".

Battle Pass

As with all Apex Legends seasons, we were introduced to a brand new battle pass, including skins, charms, weapon skins & more, to collect and earn over the Season's duration.




Drop into Season 5: Fortune's Favor, starting May 12th.

Images via Respawn Entertainment 

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