ImperialHal & HisWattson claim aim assist is 'OP' in Apex Legends

ImperialHal & HisWattson claim aim assist is 'OP' in Apex Legends
Courtesy of Respawn Entertainment/TSM/FURIA

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Alex Garton


25th May 2023 17:17

Aim assist has been an extremely hot topic in Apex Legends in 2023, with the community split over whether using a controller gives you a significant advantage over those who play on MnK.

Although MnK gives competitors access to advanced mechanics like tap-strafing, their aim is completely reliant on their exact mouse movements, whereas controller users get a lot of support from aim assist.

Now, pros Philip "ImperialHal" Dosen and Jacob "HisWattson" McMillin have weighed into the debate once again - agreeing that aim assist is 'unfair' from a competitive standpoint. Hal even went as far as to say that it will 'always be OP.'

HisWattson explains why aim assist is 'unfair' in Apex Legends

Laying his opinion on the table, HisWattson argued that "from a competitive standpoint aim assist is unfair and unfun to play against" in Apex Legends.

From his perspective, "How is it fair that it takes me ~200 ms to react to enemy movement but my opponent has a computer that reacts for them in 0 ms." Despite this, he does acknowledge that it's also unfair that MnK players can 'tap-strafe' whereas those on controller are limited with their movement.

Overall though, he claims that if Apex wanted to be as competitive as possible, controller would be banned as it "has a lower skill ceiling, lower skill expression, and is so bad for aiming they had to make it do 40% of tracking for you."

He rounds off his point by making it clear that he doesn't "care if people play on controller, but if you think that controller doesn't make the game significantly less competitive then Idk what to tell you."

ImperialHal argues aim assist will always be 'OP'

Hal kept his statement a little shorter than Wattson, simply claiming that "aim assist will always be OP since you can't replicate it end of story."

Since switching to controller in pro play for TSM, Hal has always maintained his opinion on controller being significantly stronger than MnK because of aim assist. He regularly posts clips of him demonstrating just how powerful the tracking can be at close-range.

Either way, it seems unlikely that Respawn will ever tweak aim assist as it would definitely frustrate a large portion of the community, especially those who just enjoy playing casually.

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