Apex Legends players slam Ranked for being in 'worst state ever'

Apex Legends players slam Ranked for being in 'worst state ever'
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Alex Garton


8th Nov 2023 14:42

Apex Legends Ranked is meant to act as the ultimate mode for the most competitive players in the Outlands.

Pitting competitors of a similar level against each other, it gives the community an opportunity to showcase their skills and climb up through the tiers.

While it certainly succeeds at raising the stakes, Respawn has never managed to pinpoint the perfect format for Ranked, whether that's matchmaking, points awarded, or even rewards.

Well, after the Season 19 changes that introduced promotional trails, players have slammed the mode for being in the "worst state ever."

Apex Legends players think "hidden MMR" needs to be scrapped

Taking to the Apex Legends subreddit, user ahh_my_shoulder decided to ask the community in frustration "How can it be that every ranked season gets worse?".

This was reflected in another thread that argued Ranked is in its "worst state ever," and a lot of players seem to agree, mainly pointing at "hidden MMR" as the primary problem.

"Hidden MMR was the absolute worst decision, especially for solo q players," said one user, with another arguing "Why does mmr exist in ranked? Isn't the whole point that players will naturally end up in a tier that fits their skill level? Seems to me this is just a cheap attempt to fix smurfing."

Overall, the main issue competitors have is that they don't feel like their lobbies are balanced. For them, top-tier enemies are always put against them, making it impossible for them to climb the ladder.

Some Apex fans think the community complains too much


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Not everyone agrees their lobbies are always filled with Master and Pred players, with some members of the community arguing that people complain too much.

For them, the unbalanced lobby complaint is just an excuse to distract from players' sub-par skill, and these competitors just need to focus on getting better.

"It's wild how 90% of Reddit is in all pred lobbies, almost like people are full of s**t," said one user, with another claiming "People have no issues killing players lower than their skill level but should never be killed by someone higher than their skill level."

Whichever side of the debate you're on, it doesn't feel like Respawn has perfected Apex Legends Ranked with Season 19. Maybe Season 20 will finally be the update to bring it all together, we'll have to wait and see.

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