Apex Legends players reveal which 'OP' weapons desperately need nerfs

Apex Legends players reveal which 'OP' weapons desperately need nerfs
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Alex Garton


9th Nov 2023 15:51

There are always going to be meta weapons in Apex Legends that are stronger than the rest of the pack and therefore, become more popular.

It's Respawn's job to alter these guns with balance updates and make sure every option is at least competitive and usable.

This is tough though, as altering weapon stats is a delicate process. It's very easy to push a gun way out of the meta or make an unbelievably OP one with a single wrong change.

Luckily, Apex players are always giving feedback and this time, they've chosen to highlight which OP weapons need nerfs next patch.

Apex Legends fans divided over whether Nemesis needs more nerfs

Taking to the Apex Legends subreddit, HyruleAtZelda decided to voice their problem with the Nemesis AR, which in their opinion has been at the "top of the meta" for "3 seasons straight."

From their perspective, Respawn needs to step in with more nerfs as the "gun takes 0 skill to use effectively and has single-handedly made the TTK in this game feel faster than it used to with the R301/Flatline meta."

Not everyone agrees though, with some fans arguing the Nemesis is in a perfect spot after Respawn reduced its power back in Season 18.

"I think it’s pretty balanced honestly, it sucks close range," said one user, with another arguing, "I think the weapon balance is pretty damn good right now."

Apex community calls for 30-30 Repeater & R99 nerfs

30 30 Repeater Apex Legends
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For others, the 30-30 Repeater and R99 are the main problems in the Season 19 meta and what the majority of the community is using to secure wins.

"The 30-30 is the problem, every damn game it's all I hear," said one user, with another claiming "The 30-30 and R99 are still a bigger problem... The R99 on average does 160 a clip and the 30-30 just makes end games not fun."

While the 30-30 did get hit with hip-fire nerfs to reduce its close-range strength, players still think the rifle needs to be tuned down at long-range.

We'll have to wait and see what the devs address next patch, but fans have certainly given them a lot to think about.

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