The motion sickness from playing Apex Legends is making many players feel sick.

13:42, 24 Dec 2020

Motion sickness is awful, and if you've never had it you can count yourself to be extremely lucky. Simple car journeys are absolute HELL when it's taking all of your strength not to paint the entire car with your insides, and you can forget about majestic boat rides out into the great unknown - that's not happening either.

While motion sickness can mostly be associated with vehicle transportation, those who are affected more by the condition can also be triggered by playing fast-paced FPS games that require you to spin around and anticipate your opponents' every move, and one game, in particular, that is causing players to feel unwell is Apex Legends.

Now, this isn't a new theory by any means, as back in 2019 a user posted on Reddit asking if anyone else had ever suffered from game-related motion sickness, and was met with countless sympathetic replies echoing the same sentiment. However, following the excessive amount of time the world has been given to play games and relax thanks to the coronavirus pandemic, the motion sickness debate has returned and affected many, many people.

On the popular 'Ladies Of Apex Legends' Facebook group, one user asked: "Just curious does anyone else get “motion sickness” when playing multiple matches? I end up having to quit playing after 4-5 matches cause I feel so sick playing. But apparently, it’s pretty common."

The woman was met with multiple responses of compassion, with many stating that they felt the same when playing and could only ever manage a few matches at a time before having to 'recalibrate the sickness'. Others mentioned that their motion sickness wasn't just limited to Apex, but also happened when they were playing other games like Call Of Duty. 


A few users also gave advice to the user, suggesting to play around with the frame rate in the settings as it could be so high that it's wreaking havoc on her eyesight, causing the sickness. On the 2019 Reddit post, the advice was also similar: "Are you playing with any strobing/ULMB? That used to make me want to vomit (Lightboost was the worst). As for just the game itself, I don't get motion sick. As someone else suggested, try adjusting your FOV."

Despite fixes, it appears the problem is still around and affecting players enough that it's 'putting them off the game for life'. 



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