Apex Legends fans are annoyed by a Respawn Entertainment glitch that disrupts Loba's bracelet and makes it virtually useless.

11:22, 11 Mar 2021

Apex Legends players have branded Loba as "useless" as the fan-favourite has been hit by a major glitch with her signature bracelet. Ever since her introduction in Season 5, there have been complaints the lady looter's bracelet has been broken. When Apex Legends is working properly, Loba's Tactical is Burglar's Best Friend and involves her throwing her bracelet, then teleporting to where it lands. When in a tight spot, it means Loba can quickly jump out of the action. Well, that's when it works.

Respawn has been plagued by problems with Loba's bracelet, and only recently fixed a game-breaking glitch where she was able to teleport inside objects and get stuck there. After a proposed fix to Loba's bracelet, fans hoped a potential buff was on the way. Nerfs and buffs are nothing new to Apex, however, the latest update suggests Loba could be about to tumble down the tier list.


What is the Apex Legends Loba bracelet glitch?

Previously, Loba's bracelet has stopped working in specific areas of Olympus and World's Edge. Although devs are already aware of the problem, there are continued complaints that the issue has now reared its head (again) on Kings Canyon. One of the earliest reports comes from Twitter user @Taisheen, who shows a frustrating moment they tried and teleport onto a roof and were left grounded as Loba's bracelet didn't work. Another user called @ARTPOPwhore also demonstrated how Loba's bracelet left them exposed in the middle of a match. Even as we write this, more complaints are flooding in.

Considering Loba's bracelet is supposed to get you out of a tight spot in sweaty situations like the final circle, the fact it blips in and out of working is more than just a little frustrating. If clunky animations weren't enough, how about Loba's bracelet not working at all? Only last month, Respawn Design Director Jason McCord responded to complaints her bracelet was glitching on Olympus. He admitted things weren't going as planned as he assured players, "Ugh yeah, that sucks. I’ll send it to the right peeps". While we hoped we'd seen the last of the bracelet blunders, it's clearly not the case.



Will Apex Legends fix Loba's bracelet?

At the time of writing, issues with Loba's bracelet are marked as resolved in the Community Trello Board. Then again, it only refers to Season 6 and is marked under the title "Loba's Tactical sometimes doesn't land properly on World's Edge & Kings Canyon and always refunding the ability". Expect it to be put back into the "Investigating" column pretty quickly. Considering the bracelet was "fixed" last year, it's more than a little frustrating that it's back with a vengeance. 

As for what's next with Loba's bracelet, we're promised it will get a buff in Season 9. Buffing the bracelet to make it more effective is all well and good, but when Burglar's Best Friend doesn't work at all, a bracelet buff isn't going to be much help. With more players reporting problems with Loba's bracelet (again), here's hoping the devs can come up with a hotfix ahead of Season 9's overhaul. In the meantime, we wouldn't rely on Loba's Tactical for getting you out of a jam.



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