Crypto no longer has the lowest pick rate in Apex Legends

Crypto no longer has the lowest pick rate in Apex Legends
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Alex Garton


19th Sep 2023 17:00

When it comes to the popularity of characters in Apex Legends, Crypto has always sat at the bottom of the list since his release.

The Surveillance Expert's low pick rate isn't an indication of his power, with his Recon-style kit being immensely strong in the right hands and regularly used in the ALGS.

It's more a reflection of his rather slow and stationary playstyle, that doesn't match the fast-paced gameplay of some of the other legends on the roster.

While Newcastle was the only other character to rival Crypto for the title of least popular Legend, a new Legend has taken up the mantle with an unbelievably low pick rate.

Seer becomes the lowest pick rate character in Apex Legends

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Based on stats provided by Apex Legends Status, Seer now has the lowest pick rate in Apex Legends at 1.1%.

The Ambush Master has had a dramatic fall from grace, with him at one point dominating the entire meta with his heartbeat sensor and powerful Ultimate.

However, since Season 18, his pick rate has dropped by a whopping 2.5%, as it sat at a solid 3.6% before Ressurection arrived.

His fall from the meta was also seen in the Year 3 ALGS Champs, where almost none of the teams made use of Seer in their compositions.

Why is Seer's pick rate so low in Apex Legends Season 18?

Seer Apex Legends
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Seer's shockingly low pick rate and drop in popularity is the result of a set of hefty nerfs that arrived on August 8 with the Season 18 update.

The Ambush Master's Focus of Attention Tactical had a significant power alteration, with a time reduction to the slow and silence, as well an increase to the firing speed which made it easier to dodge.

All of this has pushed Seer completely out of the meta, with barely anyone in the community still playing him regularly.

After having so much time in the spotlight, it'll be interesting to see whether Respawn brings him back into the fold, or leaves him as the lowest pick-rate Legend in the game.

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