Apex Legends Just Smashed Its Own Steam Record

Apex Legends Just Smashed Its Own Steam Record
Images via Respawn Entertainment

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Joseph Kime


13th May 2022 11:58

Apex Legends seems to set off on an all-new hot streak with every season, and this new one is certainly no different. Season 13 is bringing Newcastle to the fight, and with him is a massive wave of returning and brand-new players.

The battle royale game continues to swing for the fences and earn itself the title of a real battle royale competitor. The game is clearly working so far, and with Apex Legends: Mobile coming this month, it's going from strength to strength and earning its ribbons through and through. And now, it's broken its own records once again.

Apex Legends Season 13 Breaks Steam Records

With the launch of Season 13, Apex Legends has once again topped its own numbers - reaching new heights in concurrent players on Steam. The record was previously trounced in February with Season 12, with numbers jumping from 330,000 to over 390,000. That's nothing compared to the latest streak. 

The new content added to the game - including a huge weapons rebalance and a rework of the ranked system - has clearly made an impression. On Wednesday, May 11, Apex Legends managed to rope in 410,000 concurrent players. Blimey.

That momentum didn't drastically dampen as it typically does with live service games, either - the following day turned up over 393,000 too, meaning that it's actually incredibly engaging for players.


Apex Legends' New Record Could Be Broken Again Soon

This new record is incredible, and telling of just how popular Apex Legends has become among battle royale and shooter fans alike. There's still a big chance that the record could yet be broken, as naturally, players gravitate to games over the weekend. This Saturday and Sunday could yet yield a huge return for Respawn Entertainment - and yet, there's still a chance that the next season could be even bigger.

Apex Legends is really running on a high right now, and frankly, the pattern of the game exploding with every new season doesn't seem to be slowing down. Who knows - maybe season 14 could topple the giants.


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