Every Apex Legends Guaranteed Golden Loot Locations On Olympus

Every Apex Legends Guaranteed Golden Loot Locations On Olympus

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Jack Marsh


6th Nov 2020 15:10

Apex Legends Season 7 is in full swing with players dropping into Olympus and getting used to the brainiest Scotswoman in the outlands: Horizon. 

EA described Season 7 as "the biggest launch day yet" with players enjoying the vibrant colours and engaging building designs across the new map. 

Hidden within Olympus are two spots where you can find guaranteed golden loot, which can set you apart from opponents, especially at the early stages of games. The golden loot can range from knockdown shields to barrel stabilisers or even one of the five golden weapons that have been spruced up for Season 7. 

Which Golden Weapons Can You Get In Season 7?

There are five legendary weapons for Season 7 that can be found as floor loot, with an additional two that can be pulled from care packages. The legendary weapons are as follows:

  • Alternator SMG
  • G7 Scout
  • HAVOC Rifle
  • Sentinel
  • Wingman
  • Prowler (Care Package)
  • Peacekeeper (Care Package)

The legendary weapons can be found across the map, although one sector will boast two locations where legendary loot will always spawn.

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Guaranteed Golden Loot Locations in Olympus

The two guaranteed legendary loot spawns are located in Oasis, the mid-western location on Olympus. After landing in the two main buildings, there will be a drop on each of the lobbies. They are centrally located and have a zipline from top to bottom. 

In the pits of the buildings, there are two identical cafe-styled areas, and the legendary loot spawns will be located in the middle of the erected huts. You may also find more than one at each location, with a piece of equipment and weapon both appearing on occasions. 

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With players still getting used to Olympus, this may prove to be a beneficial landing spot, especially for the first few days. It may begin to become densly populated though, with the better players wanting to get their mitts on the best loot. 

Whether you're brave enough to take the plunge and take teams on early in the game, or are smart enough to land on the outskirts and rotate in, Oasis looks to be the new hotspot of Olympus.


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