The ALGS Online Tournament results.

19:00, 22 Apr 2020

The Apex Legends Global Series Online Tournament #4 was held between the 18th and 20th of April. Played in eight different regions, this tournament is part of the Apex Legends Global Series (ALGS). Initially, teams who performed exceptionally in these tournaments would have the opportunity to compete in Majors but due to the COVID-19 pandemic and its effect on the hosting of events has limited EA to devise a new strategy to broadcast these events in the period of self-isolation. Despite this broadcast being operated remotely, it delivers top-notch viewing experience to thousands of Apex Legends news & competitive fans, who join the live stream on their social channels. EA successfully implemented the new cloud-based technology during the live broadcast of the Finals of the 2nd ALGS Online Tournament.

Participants of these tournaments receive ALGS points and take a share of the combined prize pool of $100,000, based on their placement in the tournament, with European and North American contenders having a greater share in the prize pool based on their huge participant base.


The victors of the ALGS tournament #4 were the following:

  • South America: PATRULHA
  • Oceania: EXO
  • Japan: LFT
  • Middle East & Africa: -60RP
  • Southeast Asia: AG
  • Korea: Crazy Raccoon
  • Europe: Myth
  • North America: Team SoloMid

North America:

The following teams made it to the leaderboard of the 4th tournament:

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Before delving deeper into the specifics here are few statistics of the NA finals:

Most Kills: Rogue and Fishers – 32 Kills each

Winners by rounds:

1st Round:  Complexity Gaming

2nd Round: Soda Fide

3rd Round: Team Liquid

4th Round: The Happy Campers

5th Round: smile

Since the rankings are based on the total number of points acquired by a team, gaining high placement points might be advantageous but isn’t a pre-requisite, and this was demonstrated by Rogue, winners of the cup, who failed to receive the 1st place ending in any of the games; however, their high kill count in every match led them to a fully-deserved win. Similarly, Fishers placed low in many games, but their kills per match landed them at 4th place in the overall leaderboard.

The tournament was incredibly competitive and all of the teams involved fought valiantly to gain the title. Here are the main takeaways from the NA tournament:

  1. With the victory of this tournament Rogue finally recovered from a setback they faced in the 2nd tournament. They placed 32nd in the 2nd tournament, 7th in the 3rd tournament, and 1st in this tournament. Their efforts in their tournament made it evident that they've put in hard work to improve their gameplay or that the addition of Eric "Snip3down" Wrona has affected their ranking, gaining them their first win since TwitchCon 2019.
  2. If a peek is taken at TSM’s recent history with Apex tournaments, it can be seen that although TSM has been demoted to the 2nd position from the 1st in the last two tournaments, no other team in the entire region is even close to having the track record which TSM is currently maintaining.
  3. Other teams like Flying Saucerrors and Sola Fide experienced a great change. Flying Saucerrors failed to even qualify for the tournament while they placed 3rd in the last one, and Sola Fide placed third in this tournament while failing to qualify for the finals in the previous one.

European Region

Algs4 Eupng
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Here are the statistics for EU finals:

Most Kills: Myth – 26 Kills

Winners by rounds:

1st Round:  GnaskeStrafeDel

2nd Round: SJP2

3rd Round: dead inside

4th Round: Alliance

5th Round: exCC

A brief roundup for the EU region:

  1. The team which secured the most kills in the EU region was Myth, and in NA was Rogue. Both of these teams managed to secure the #1 position overall.
  2. Gambit faced a major setback by not being able to qualify for the Semi-Finals, despite holding the title of the previous Online Tournament.
  3. Alliance recovered from their weak performance shown in the last tournaments as they took a major leap from 32nd place in the last Online Tournament to 2nd place in this tournament.


To finish off, the meta encountered no major changes. Wraith and Wattson were the prime picks for players despite getting slightly nerfed in the update that rolled out a couple of weeks ago. This is probably because of Wraith’s Portal being advantageous in endgame mobility and Wattson’s Interceptor Pylon and Fences being used tactically to fortify buildings. The third legend varied between Gibraltar and Pathfinder. As for the loadout selection, Flatline/ R-99 usually were the primary weapon of choice, with an occasional switch to energy-weapon the Havoc. The secondary weapon remained the Wingman (it was sometimes the primary weapon too) / Peacekeeper / Triple Take. Although in a few instances’ players were seen carrying the G7 Scout and EVA-8 Shotgun. 

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