The leaks include images, animation videos and noises.

11:50, 12 Mar 2020

Dataminer Biast12 has found files in Apex Legends pertaining to new alien creatures called Prowlers being added to the game. The files mention “Desertlands” which is the codename for the Worlds Edge map, suggesting the cute but deadly four-legged reptilian Prowlers could be coming soon.

The animals appear to be able to inflict damage on Legends, as the leaked file names include “combat”, and animations show the animal in “attack mode”. The Prowlers could become a real threat to players on the battlefield, acting more aggressively than the relatively passive way Leviathans could kill Legends (by stepping on them).

It’s worth mentioning that a PVE mode was leaked some time ago, but plans for that appear to have been reined in. These hostile creatures could be moving over to the PVP, but may not be introduced into the game at all.

The prehistoric-looking creatures’ renders side-by-side next to Legend Bloodhound (who is one of the bigger characters) show it as an immense animal, and, if it does prove to be hostile, it could become a big problem for players on World's Edge.


The final leak from Biast12 is a video made by him, displaying the noises found in the files. The audio clips we hear only include movement crunches based on different terrain, and no roars or growls.

We haven’t seen alien creatures feature so far on Worlds Edge, and long gone are the days of the Flyers and Leviathans on Kings Canyon. An extra threat (other than your enemies and the Harvester beam) could prove just the ticket to shake up matches in Season 4 of Apex Legends.

We’ll update you as soon as we get any more information regarding these leaks and their implementation into the game.

Images via Biast12

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