Apex Legends Cosplayer Absolutely Kills It As Loba

Apex Legends Cosplayer Absolutely Kills It As Loba
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Mel Ramsay


1st Dec 2021 13:42

A cosplayer has taken the form of Loba from Apex Legends, and we're pretty sure she'll be first on Respawn's list if they ever decide to do a live-action remake. 

What Does The Apex Legends Loba Cosplay Look Like?

Sydeon, who has 167k followers on Instagram at the time of writing, uploaded two posts with her cosplay, and managed to get every detail pretty much spot on. She captioned one of her posts: "Idk how Loba fights in a corset with 6 inch stilettos and coffin nails, but I respect her for it."

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She also posted the same images to her Twitter account, that has over 200k followers. 

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A post shared by Sydney (@sydeon)

What Are Fans Saying About The Apex Legends Loba Cosplay?

Unfortunately, as is often the case with the internet, several people commented to say that she didn't look like the ass-kicking support Legend. We're not sure what they were seeing, as she looks spot on to us. One person commented: "You seriously need to consider a career in cosplay. You do such amazing work, Sydney! Can't wait to see what you have for us next."

Another stuck up for Sydeon, saying: "Just saw this post on Facebook! you did a damn good job! you are gorgeous, and please do not listen to stupid people. And to anyone reading this, cosplay is about fun, and doing our best! Be realistic there is no way that people can totally look like fiction characters (be it a woman or a man)! unless you go into a surgery room! you morons! You do not like it! go and live on videogames or comic books!"

A third simply commented: "had no idea loba was an actual person." 

On her Instagram account, Sydeon also cosplays as Storm from X-Men, as well as Shego from Kim Possible, and even Bowsette. You can check out all of her outfits on her Instagram account here


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