Complexity spilled the beans on stream.

12:00, 18 May 2020

Apex Legends is rumoured to be adding Two-Factor Authentication to its user accounts, thanks to Complexity. The pro Apex team were streaming on Twitch when they let slip that a playtest event coming up would roll out 2FA, in an effort to combat cheaters. 

Apex players have to begrudgingly to deal with PC cheaters using wallhacks, aimbot, and teaming, as we found out when the #1 and #2 Apex Predators were caught playing a match in a 6-man team. 2FA would mean players would have to enter a phone number, giving them a hard obstacle to overcome to continue their cheating ways.

Respawn Entertainment have banned players discovered to be cheating in the past, and are always developing their anti-cheat team, hopefully in an effort to be as effective as VALORANT’s Vanguard anti-cheat system.

The Complexity squad claimed;

“Yeah, they said they were going to come out with two-factor authentication.”

While Apex Legends doesn't have a huge cheating problem, this will go some way to combat the minority of players who want to ruin the gameplay experience for their opponents.

Images via Repsawn Entertainment

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