Amouranth Set To Detail 'Amazing Journey' In Devin Nash Interview

Amouranth Set To Detail 'Amazing Journey' In Devin Nash Interview
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Emma Hill


14th Apr 2022 15:44

ASMR Twitch streamer Kaitlyn "Amouranth" Siragusa has revealed that an exclusive interview is on the way about her life as "one of the top creators in the world."

Amouranth has certainly enjoyed an incredible career as a streamer. There have been moments when she's come under fire for her mic-licking and hot-tub-fuelled content. However, she has always found a fantastic way to clap back, particularly when it comes to reminding trolls that she is Twitch's most popular female streamer and the mind-blowing amount of cash she makes as a content creator. 

Now, she plans to spill the beans on all about her "amazing journey" to becoming a content creator and the "impact" she has made on the streaming community. And, she also has another "crazy" upcoming announcement for fans. 

Amouranth Reveals Upcoming Interview With Devin Nash

In a tweet on April 14, Amouranth stated she was doing an "update interview" with the co-founder of Novo Inc., and fellow streamer, Devin Nash. Nash then responded by retweeting the post and giving a couple of details as to what exactly the duo will discuss in the interview. Nash said: "Don't miss this one! Amouranth
and I will be deep diving into her amazing journey to becoming one of the top creators in the world. I'm looking forward to this talk and I'm astounded by the progress and impact she's making."

The interview comes off the back of Amouranth's surprising announcement that she is planning to retire from her career as an "e-girl" and close down her OnlyFans channel. It's unclear whether or not the topic will come up during Amouranth's interview with Nash. However, no doubt fans will be eager to hear more about the move given how OnlyFans is one of the streamer's biggest sources of income. 

Amouranth Teases "Crazy" Announcement

As well as her interview with Nash, Amouranth also teased that she has an upcoming announcement in the works. Although, she couldn't divulge too much information about it just yet. In the tweet, Amouranth stated: "Something crazy happened today, I will talk about it as soon as I can, literally legally cannot. But I'll share on YouTube and on my twitch stream when I can! Also live on Twitch!" She reassured fans that "it is not bad news. It is prob good news, possibly great news even. The best news. Or nothing. But I had not imagined it was possible is all."

Amouranth's interview with Nash will be happening on April 15 at 6pm (PST). Fans will no doubt be looking for a long-awaited update from Amouranth during the Q&A, but will also be eager to hear what other exciting news she has in store for us. 


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