Amouranth Silences Trolls After Revealing Most Common Insults

Amouranth Silences Trolls After Revealing Most Common Insults
Amouranth | Twitch

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Emma Hill


6th Sep 2021 13:40

Popular Twitch Streamer Kaitlyn "Amouranth" Siragusa shared some of the appalling insults she frequently receives from trolls during a stream on September 4. However, with one brilliant short response, she silenced them all.  

What Did Amouranth Have To Say To Her Trolls?

Speaking about her experiences, Amouranth said: "Constantly on the internet, in chat and off platform, I get called wh*re, sl*t, sk*nk, sl*g, ugly, fat, stupid, b*tch, but you know what they've never called me? Broke." If that's not enough, the streamer's incredible success with the platform should silence all her haters. 

According to Twitch Tracker, the streamer has over 4.1 million followers, and her channel has gained over 298 million views. 

However, time and again, Amouranth has been on the receiving end of negative and hateful comments from trolls. This has even gone on to have an effect on her personal life. On January 19, for example, she was the target of a suspected arson attack at her home as well as a firework which was, also, aimed at her house. 

How Much Money Does Amouranth Earn? 

Amouranth has not shared how much she makes collectively each month. Although in an interview with H3TV back in July 2021, Amouranth revealed she had just had her "highest month ever" after earning $1.1 million through her OnlyFans. Furthermore, the streamer currently has over 22 thousand active subscriptions. With each sub valued at an average of $5, Amouranth could very well be earning (approximately) $110,000 a month through her Twitch subs. 

However, her earnings were heavily impacted back in May 2021 when, without warning, Twitch suspended advertising on her channel, claiming the content of her videos were "not advertiser friendly". Amouranth claimed the move would cause her to lose $35-40 thousand a month.     

Despite this, Amouranth has continued to produce her classic content, and has announced some exciting potential projects on the way, such as a Twitch documentary and a hot tub game show. Proving that, once again, despite the harassment from trolls, she is the one who comes out on top. 


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