All VALORANT Agents And LoL Champions Are Free With Xbox Game Pass

All VALORANT Agents And LoL Champions Are Free With Xbox Game Pass
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Jack Marsh


13th Jun 2022 11:27

Riot Games and Microsoft might not have had the most streamlined relationship in the past, given that Riot's playlist is tailored toward PC and mobile. However, as Xbox looks to take another inch forward in the console wars, the two developing giants have combined forces - bringing all of Riot Games' projects to the Game Pass.

Announced in the Xbox showcase, Riot's five games are coming to Game Pass. While this doesn't mean that the titles will be console-compatible, the subscription will be offering PC players rewards, as well as those on console. Any Xbox members who fancy trying their arm on PC titles can now get a wealth of rewards on Riot's games, including VALORANT and League of Legends.

What Is The Riot Games And Xbox Partnership?

League of Legends and VALORANT persist as two of the most popular games on the planet, and thanks to the cost-effective £10 subscription on Game Pass, you can get a headstart on both games by unlocking every champion and agent in the respective titles.

VALORANT players normally unlock just five agents when they first log on (Brimstone, Jett, Phoenix, Sage, and Sova), but the whole array of 19 bloodthirsty fraggers will be available for Game Pass players. The same also goes for the 159 League of Legends champions and the respective branches, including Wild Rift, Teamfight Tactics, and Legends of Runeterra.

As confirmed by Joe Hixson, Director of Corporate Communications at Riot Games, every unlocked character will also remain in your inventories when your subscription runs out, meaning you could simply subscribe for one month, just to unlock the catalogue of agents and champions - not a bad trick if you need to get your hands on Fade or Bel'Veth.


You Can Unlock 150+ Riot Games Characters For £1

In fact, you can actually unlock all of these characters in Riots titles for just £1. For players who have never accessed the Xbox Game Pass, Microsoft offers three months of the service for just £1.

This will give players Xbox Live Gold, EA Play, Riot's rewards, and much more just for a quick quid. It wasn't the only announcement from the showcase either, as Xbox also partnered with the horror-game hero Hideo Kojima, who detailed an upcoming project.

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