Cryptic Trailers Reveal New League of Legends Champion Bel'Veth

Cryptic Trailers Reveal New League of Legends Champion Bel'Veth
Riot Games

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18th May 2022 15:06

It's been a while since we've had a cheeky slip of the tongue from Riot Games regarding expanding the champion pool, but we all know they're not very adept at keeping their mouths shut, or they're the masters of drip-feeding leaks to generate hype. Who knows which? Anyway, in typical Riot fashion, the developers have dropped some major leaks about a brand-new champion after revealing an "empress" was coming from the Void to play in the Jungle.

What New Champions Are Coming To League Of Legends?

A range of new characters have been revealed in the Champion Roadmap, although many details and names were spared, including one empress, who will bring all that lie in her way down to their knees. 

"The Champions Team has something coming soon. Something beautiful, something inevitable, something foretold. A new skirmisher for all those jungle players out there. A new Empress to submit to… and you will submit," said Riot, adding that the new Void walker will benefit from the ever-expanding Lavender Sea by being adept at bringing down defensive structures and boosting close-by teammates once she's taken over Summoners Rift.

Bel'Veth Leaked For League of Legends

However, the empress was soon leaked to be named "Bel'Veth" by Russian content creator "Ryscu", where he will adopt a deep violaceous appearance and the ability to shape-shift into a golden horned deity.

Now, Riot has uploaded two unlisted videos to their YouTube channel, which seemingly confirm Bel'Veth and already give players an insight into her lore.


The first video, "To the Eye of the Void" showcases a demolished Runeterra, where Bel'Veth speaks directly to Vel’Koz, saying, "Eye of the Void, your watchers are incapable of understanding. I am the Void, and I will remake all of Runeterra."

As for the second, "To the Prophet of the Void", it takes a similar vibe to the first, with the wrecking of Runeterra, specifically Malzahar witnessing a vision of Shurima’s destruction, while an unnamed voice addresses Bel'Veth by saying, "My prophet, your empress has arrived. Witness your reward, the end of everything."

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Bel'Veth comes as the first of a few League of Legends champions to be released by Riot Games in the coming year or so, as a ruthless Noxian is also in the works, alongside adaptations to Udyr, Aurelion Sol, and Skarner. 


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