VALORANT Players Already Hate Playing Against Fade

VALORANT Players Already Hate Playing Against Fade
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Jack Marsh


26th Apr 2022 12:56

Born out of the depths of her enemy's deepest fears, the newest VALORANT agent was always set to be a menace, but as the dawn of her era beckons, she's not going to be fading out of players' nightmares any time soon.

Just days after the release of Fade, VALORANT's newest agent, players are already hating playing against her, almost as if she was intended to be a terror...

Fade Is Already Making VALORANT Players Rage

Following early tests of Fade, players lucky enough to try her before the VALORANT Episode 4 Act 3 has been released have already branded her as "broken" due to her overpowered nature.

Professional player Adil "ScreaM" Benrlitom showed off some early footage of her abilities, describing the new recon-heavy agent as having a "beautiful" ultimate, albeit with a wail of excitement due to his role on Team Liquid being enhanced with Fade's arrival. 

But while ScreaM may be looking forward to getting his hands on the broken agent, other players already hate her, and she's not even been released yet. One viral clip of Fade's testing saw a player become constantly decayed and stunned thanks to Fade's abilities, with it being a perfect combination for all types of flashes from other agents.

Fade's abilities also caught the attention of popular streamer Kyedae "Kyedae" Shymko, who was flabbergasted that her utility can be combined, making her extremely overpowered at low-elo levels.


Fade Breaks Viper Ultimate And Jett Dash

Alongside her extremely strong kit, recent footage also shows that Fade's ultimate is actually detrimental to her own team when Viper's ultimate is activated.

A clip has surfaced showing Fade activating her ultimate after Viper's pit has bled out to its maximum, making Viper able to see through the entire pit, giving her the edge over any opponents struggling in the clouds, and rendering Fade's ability as useless.

This only heightens the use of one of the most effective abilities in the whole of VALORANT, rendering Fade's moves as completely useless against Viper.

Other clips have also seen that one of Fade's abilities can also catapult Jett across the map, when combined with her now-nerfed dash.

This broken combination now looks more like a bug than an intended mechanic, although it could be used as an effective way of gaining a position at the start of a round or adding a new twist to flooding bomb sites.

Fade is unveiled to the wider community on April 27, but beware of her power when up against her, as she'll haunt your night, and your dreams.


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