Adorable Zelda Easter Egg Proves Link Loves Dogs

Adorable Zelda Easter Egg Proves Link Loves Dogs
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Tom Chapman


8th Jun 2022 11:04

Over the past 36 years of the Zelda franchise, we've not actually learned that much about Link. Although the franchise's name might make you think Princess Zelda is the MVP, it's actually the Hero of Hyrule who takes centre stage. Every day is a school day, and now, we've only just broken beneath Link's steely surface.

When it comes to Zelda games, most will agree the best game is either 1998's Ocarina of Time or 2017's Breath Of The Wild, however, there's a lot to be said 2006's Twilight Princess. The exceptionally dark GameCube game is remembered for Link's ability to turn into a wolf, the standout addition of Midna, and Link's horrifying vision. We're still finding out things we never knew.

What Is The Twilight Princess Easter Egg?


Over on the gaming subreddit, u/CanYouPetTheDog pointed out that Link's usually sour expression changes when he picks up a dog. In a world populated by ravenous Octoroks, Bokoblins, and Keese, it must just be nice for Link to find an animal that isn't trying to kill him.

Those who've played Twilight Princess before will know dogs are an adorable part of Hyrule, and you can play fetch with them if you find bones lying around - how morbid. When Link is in his wolf form, you can even talk to dogs to get some handy bits of information. Being more than just man's best friends, we can understand why dogs make Link smile. 

Other fans were grinning at this cute detail. One Twilight Princess supporter wrote, "They took everything great about OoT, made it better, upped the graphics, and created Twilight Princess." Another added, "Even link appreciates a good doggo," while a third said, "BOTW2 better let you adopt a dog." Some were just shocked to learn you can pick up dogs in-game.


Is A Twilight Princess Remake On The Way?

Twilight Princess Dog
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In the 16 years since Twilight Princess was released, we've had the Wii U Twilight Princess HD in 2016. Another six years is more than enough time to warrant a new-gen remake, and if it's good enough for Skyward Sword on the Switch, then why would Twilight Princess be any different? Nintendo recently pushed Breath of the Wild 2 to 2023, which led to calls for a Switch remaster of Twilight Princess and Wind Waker to fill the void.

Sadly, developer Tantalus Media said it hasn't been asked back for a Switch port- suggesting those long-rumoured new-gen remasters will remain rumours. Unlike Capcom and its current drive to remake Resident Evil games, Nintendo is a little slower on the uptake in bringing the adventures of Link to Switch. For the time being, we're left with some slightly upgraded versions of Ocarina and Majora's Mask. Still, if you haven't pet the dog in Twilight Princess, why not give it a go?

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