2005's God Of War Gets Breathtaking New-Gen Remake

2005's God Of War Gets Breathtaking New-Gen Remake
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2nd Aug 2022 14:33

It's clear that Unreal Engine 5 is paving the way for the future of gaming, and while Epic Games has the keys to the kingdom, developing giants like Capcom, Rockstar Games, and Sony Santa Monica should put down their own engines and just stump up the cash now. A fan-made Unreal Engine build of 2005's God of War shows what we're missing out on.

Remakes and remasters are all the rage these days, and while the GTA Trilogy shows us how not to do it, the likes of Vicarious Visions' Crash Bandicoot N. San Trilogy, Bluepoint's Demon's Souls, and Nightdive's upcoming System Shock prove that injecting some new-gen DNA into an old classic can be a money-making powerhouse. Even though God of War fans are looking to this year's Ragnarok, isn't it about time Kratos' origin got a fresh lick of paint? 

What Does The Unreal Engine 5 God Of War Remake Look Like?

Noted remaster master TeaserPlay is back with another stunning rendition of what could be. The YouTube account is known for giving us mythical revamps of everything from Fallout: New Vegas to a proper GTA: III remake, but we've got to admit, this is one of the better ones we've seen. There's already been the 2009 remaster of the OG, but 13 years later, it's due a reprieve. 

Back in 2005, Sony Santa Monica delivered the first God of War without presumably knowing what a goliath of the gaming world it would become. Up there with The Last of Us and Insomniac's Spider-Man games, God of War is a driving force behind someone buying a PlayStation over Xbox. TeaserPlay's description explains, "A great nostalgic game that we need now in next gen graphics, we tried to use all the power and features of Unreal Engine 5 to recreate this such as Lumen, Nanite, Ray Tracing and Metahuman to Create Kratos and Zeus Face We tried to humanize Kratos' face as much as possible, like in the 2018 version and also tried to bring the camera closer to the character."

As has become the norm with TeaserPlay's trailer, gaming fans can't get enough of the Unreal Engine 5 God of War remake. "Bro as always bringing to life the games that marked the childhood of many people congratulations bro for your amazing work," cheered one. Another added, "Wow that looks amazing, now this is the God of War I would be happy to Play again. Crank up the volume of nostalgia." A third simply concluded, "I would spend MONEY on this....."

What's Next For God Of War?

God of War 2005
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Sony Santa Monica

2022 is a huge year for Kratos, as Sony Santa Monica delivers God of War: Ragnarok as a sequel to the record-breaking God of War reboot from 2018. Unlike the franchise's Greek days having a full trilogy and spin-offs, SSM has already confirmed Ragnarok will be our last trip to Norse mythology. Some take this to mean it's the end of the road for Kratos, however, we're not buying the God of War name is done for good.

Even if Kratos does kick the bucket (it wouldn't be the first time), it's easy to imagine an adult Atreus leading the franchise somewhere new. There's also the inevitability that someone, someday, will give us a God of War remake that probably won't look too different to the above. In the meantime, let's go back to hoping that Bluepoint is working on a secret God of War remake to bring the 2005 title back into our lives. 

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